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    8 Fabulous Bridal Party Introductions and Entrances

    The ceremony is finally over and you’re on to the next part of your wedding event - the reception. It is crucial that you get to start your reception right. And part of getting the party started is being able to introduce your bridal party to the rest of your guests. While there are no hard and fast rules as to how your bridal party should be introduced, it would be wise to consider following some guidelines that will provide order on how to go about it, the choices you have in introducing them and their entrance. Would you go traditional or get creative? Read on and find out.

    Before getting into the 8 fabulous bridal party introductions and entrances, let us share with you some guidelines for a fun-filled and stress-free reception:

    Get organized. 

    The MC or DJ should be provided with a list of names of your bridal party. You sure want to be able to introduce each member of your bridal party so they can be recognized properly. You don’t want to miss out on introducing any one of them or have their names mispronounced. So it is important that the lists are given ahead of time so the MC or DJ can practice pronouncing their names and you would have lined them up in the order that they will be introduced. Part of organizing is choosing the right song. A song can be used as background music or the main component of their introduction.  Another vital part of organizing is the timeline.  You need to plan what will transpire between the ceremony and the bridal party entrance and communicate it to your MC/DJ and to your wedding party.

    If Going for a Traditional Entrance

    List down the people you would like to include. Typically, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are introduced to the guests. The MC or DJ would be announcing their names as well as their roles in the wedding and how they are related to the couple. You may also add some fun facts about the person. Some information you can gather for a fun-filled introduction are hobbies, occupation, what they are most known for, weird habits, favorite food and drinks or snack, and where they can be most likely found on a Saturday night. However, you don’t need to include all this information for each of them. Just choose a unique or impressive detail and that would be sufficient.

    Flower girls and the ring bearer are also part of the traditional entrance. Depending on their age, you may consider having someone go with them during the entrance for a smooth flow of your bridal party entrance.

    Giving a detailed instruction to your bridal party is crucial too. If you are opting for a more formal entrance, let every one of them know so you would be starting your reception on the right tone or mood. Make sure you get to check the details carefully ensuring that the entrance is well planned and turning out the way you want it to happen. Some of the things you need to include in your checklist are: list of names and pronunciation guide given to your MC or DJ ahead of time, your choice of music, the plan properly communicated to your bridal party and all details turned over to your wedding coordinator. Lastly, get everyone lined up nearest to the reception entrance. Bridesmaids and groomsmen come first and then the maid of honor and the best man and finally the newly married couple. Wedding coordinators can do the task of asking the bridal party to line for you.

    While it is very common to put some information regarding your bridal party, it would be appreciated by your guests if you place a small pic next to each for easier identification. Another helpful guideline is to make sure your bridal party is comfortable with each other. Allow them to spend some time together to lessen that awkward feeling, After all, they will be walking or dancing together for the entire night.

    High energy begets high energy. So don’t forget to remind your bridal party to enter the reception hall excited. Guests would be more responsive and would eagerly join the festivities if they see you and your bridal party having a great time.              

    If Going for a Creative Announcement

    What’s your style? It’s important that you identify the kind of entrance you want. Would you like it to be unique? A theme in line with your wedding theme and wedding favors would be really helpful. Choose one that will go with your wedding theme or you can choose a separate theme for the entrance. You and your spouse should go out of your way to encourage your bridal party to do something fun for the bridal entrance.

    Feel free to mix up the order of the wedding party’s entrance. You and your spouse can enter first and join with the rest of the guests to cheer on your bridesmaids and groomsmen as they come in. Another option is to opt not to let your bridal party come in pairs and instead, let the bridesmaids enter as a group and the groomsmen as a separate group. Let your bridal party have the liberty to choose the music they want for their entrance so they can express their individuality.   

    Here are 14 fabulous bridal party introductions and entrances:

    14. The Greatest Show Inspired Entrance 

    Here's one wedding entrance that won't be easy to forget. They sure placed a lot of effort to this dance production but it's all well worth it. Everyone is just so into it they are so much fun to watch.  

    13. Music Becomes Everything


    With only two tracks chosen, this bridal party pulled off a fun-filled and must watch wedding entrance. This one proved that each pair won’t really need separate songs to make their entrance as unique as can be. Watch them here. 

    12. An All-Out Production 


    When you have one talented singer and everybody else backs her up as dancers. Hey, don't underestimate this lady's singing voice that got everyone on their feet to dance! The result, an all-out production for everyone to enjoy. 

    11. Come As You Are


    10. Mix Genre 


    In this video, you won't have any problem letting the shy and not so shy members of your bride tribe get in the limelight. All that really matters is that they are having the time of their life. Watching the bride and groom's entrance will surely bring a smile on your face too.   

    9. Let Them Have The Time of Their Lives


    Here’s one grand entrance where the groomsmen enter first as a group with “The Time of My Life” as background music followed by the bridesmaids. Facing each other, each couple is introduced followed by a dance right in the middle of the group. Finally, the newlywed couple is introduced and they danced right in the middle with the bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing with them. What’s interesting is that the groom leads his groomsmen to a dance number followed by the bride leading her bridesmaids to a dance number too all throughout just having the time of their lives with the same lively music on the background. Watch this.  

    8. For the Sports Fanatic


      Are both of you into basketball? Or is your spouse a basketball professional? Then have your wedding party introduced just like how the NBA announces the starting line up. Or maybe a football team fan and do a particular team’s “tunnel walk.”

      7. For the Dance Fanatic


      You can choreograph a dance routine and have your bridal party dancing tango, waltz or even wobble their way to the reception hall. Give your bridal party the liberty to choose what kind of dance they want for their entrance. Doing a line dance entrance would be a good option too especially for country style weddings. 

      6. For the Movie Fan


      Your wedding may have been such a challenge to organize but then again your bridal party successfully pulled it off. And because they love the movies too, they have chosen to enter your reception hall with the “Mission Impossible” track playing on the background. Or you can do a movie premier type of entrance using the soundtrack of the couple's favorite movie.  

      5. For the Disney Fan


      Your wedding party gets to be introduced the Disney way. Complete it with Disney soundtracks as background music and custom wedding favors and you're all set for an exciting Disney themed reception. 

      4. For the Props Fan


      As your bridesmaids and groomsmen are called, they can carry with them props or toys that fit your wedding theme. One couple made use of musical instruments as props for their bridesmaids and groomsmen symbolizing their love for music. 

      3. For the Rock and Roll Fanatic


      With the husband being a fan of Elvis Presley, and everything about Rock and Roll, this couple made use of Elvis music for the introduction of their bridal party and the groom came in dressed like Elvis Presley and the bride as Marilyn Monroe.   

      2. Just for Fun


      One of the ways to make the wedding party introductions more interesting and hilarious is to switch attires. The bridesmaids get to wear the suit and the groomsmen get to wear the cocktail dress/gown. Should you choose this type of introduction, it would be wise to see if you have the appropriate audience. While it can be really hilarious, make sure the bride and groom are properly informed so that guest can be prepared especially those who would rather keep the introduction more formal (like grandma and the parents).  In this case, you may look for other options to make the wedding party introduction more fun without being offensive to anyone.  The groomsmen giving the bridesmaids a Piggyback ride from the entrance to the floor would be a good alternative.   

      1. Hollywood Glamour


      Walking on a red carpet and photographers everywhere. All eyes on the support stars of your wedding - the bridal party. Encourage the rest of the guests to take lots of pictures. Of course, the main stars would always be you and your groom! This wedding party introduction is perfect for Hollywood themed weddings.    

      There you have it, 14 fabulous bridal party introductions and entrances you can choose from. Remember though that no matter what type of bridal party entrance is chosen, it should not steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. This is why it’s important that the bride and groom are constantly on the loop of every detail of the wedding especially the reception introduction and entrance as this will set the tone for the whole evening. It’s also important to be appropriate, practice discretion and know when enough is enough. Equally vital is to have a feel of the crowd and consider that everyone has a different sense of humor. Connection to the crowd is always key.