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    6 Creative Bridesmaid Photo Ideas That You’ll Absolutely Love

    The wedding is all about you and your partner celebrating the love you found in one another. However, the happiest day of your life is also one worth sharing with those closest to you. 

    While you’ll spend the most time gazing lovingly into your spouse’s eyes as you’re getting the photos taken, don’t miss out on capturing the wholesome bridesmaid moments. Plus, seizing the heartfelt and silly moments doubles the emotions you feel every time you go through the album.

    Whether your big day is traditional or modern, these photo ideas are guaranteed to produce results that make you smile in the years to come and find a spot on everybody’s Instagram feed!

    6. The Ring Pic

    This one is a bit over-the-top, but what better opportunity to embrace the tackiness than your wedding day? Plus, you’re sure to have fun with it and even catch some genuine giggles as you relax and enjoy the moment.

    Have them all gather around you, remember the time you posted yourengagement announcement photo, and show off your gorgeous ring. If it feels too stiff and fake, get goofy with the girls. Pretend that you’re a jewelry seller and describe the piece in as much pompous detail as possible. 

    The bridesmaid with the most authentic reaction gets a bonus solo pic from the photographer!

    5. A Glance at the Spouse

    Everybody loves feeling admired now and again. Is there a better moment for some appreciative glances (whistles, even) than the ceremony? Let the girls show your future spouse how handsome their outfit is, and try to catch the cutest moments and most genuine reactions.

    You’ll appreciate a pic of your soulmate surrounded by your best friends, laughing together, exhilarated about the day ahead.

    4. What Wonderful Scenery

    Whether you’re taking the event outdoors or tying the knot in the dead of winter, you’ve sure worked hard to make the location resemble your childhood fantasies. Capture the beauty of white lace, fresh flowers, and lush greenery together with your bridesmaids looking as beautiful as their surroundings.

    You could pose, but it’s even better to go candid here. Try to get pics of genuine reactions to the area, especially if that’s the first time they see it.

    3. Getting Ready

    You’ll want your beauty sleep before your early-morning makeup and hairdresser appointments to look your best for the ceremony. Still, it’s worth the trouble to wake up 15 minutes earlier and snap a shot of messy hair and sleepy eyes full of excitement before the rush starts. 

    Since you probably won’t have a professional photographer at hand, learnsome great selfie poses and try them with the ladies. You get bonus points if everybody wears a matching pajama set.

    Once your hair and makeup are all set, have the photographer join you as your bridesmaids help you put on your bridal dress and accessories.

    2. Always Have Your Back

    Have your photographer capture a closeup of you, alone or with your partner. Get the best of both worlds by positioning your bridesmaids behind you, admiring your beautiful dress.

    Such a photo is a physical manifestation of the support they’re giving you. It might seem a bit cheesy now, but once you’re in the dress and living through it, the setup will awaken a sea of emotions.

    1. A Flower Shower

    Flowers are a getting married must-have, but they don’t always have to stay in tidy little bouquets. Real flower confetti is a fantastic pic prop that doubles as extra decoration on the floor of the reception hall.

    You’ll need your entire entourage for this one. Grab your partner and give them a hug, a kiss, or embrace their arms. Let the rest shower you with love by throwing petals for a pic that’s sure to make it to the cover of the wedding day photo album.

    These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. Explore them for inspiration, but drop the rigidity once the joyful occasion arrives. Have fun, and your photos will reflect that.