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    5 Creative Ways to Give Your Bridesmaid Gifts

    Your bridesmaids are wonderful and unique individuals and they deserve to be given a gift that would reflect just that.

    Giving them gifts should be from a vantage point of considering their uniqueness without having to sacrifice your wedding budget. It would be wise to start by setting a price point and choosing a theme. Your bridesmaids may not have the same style so it would be wise to follow the unspoken rule of buying for the individual or don't buy at all. However, if they have a common interest, it would be simpler to buy a gift that is the same for everyone.

    Choose a gift that would reflect their shared passion and make sure they feel your love and appreciation with the gifts you give. Personalize it by writing down a note expressing how much you value their friendship and why you can't say "I do" without them.    

    Here are 5 creative ways to give your bridesmaid gifts:

    1. By finding out their hobbies.

    You of all people would know what their hobbies are. You have known them all your life and one way or another have witnessed what they love doing most. Giving them a gift based on their hobby only shows how you put value on the friendship you have with them and that you are well aware of their inclinations. Does she love going to the movies or concerts? Then think of giving her tickets to a show or concert. Is she the type who loves to explore and see new places? Then giving her a travel tote or packing cubes would be both thoughtful and functional for her. And while you are at it, an Airbnb gift card would be nice too! Is she into writing? A nice journal would be a special gift. Into drawing and sketching? Then give her a high-quality sketchbook. Does she love collecting plants and succulents? Then that would be one thoughtful gift. Is she into cooking? Then a cookbook or recipe collection would be the perfect gift for your bridesmaid. What's important is that you can identify that thing she loves doing the most and working around that hobby in finding a special gift for her.     

    2. By pampering them.

    Your wedding is not the only thing they have on their plate. Your bridesmaids may be juggling a lot of stuff from family, work, business or other responsibilities. In spite of that, they willingly said yes to working on the preparations and be by your side right up to your wedding day. Thank them with a gift that expresses your heartfelt gratitude and a pat on the back that says "slow down a bit." Wouldn't it be nice to deliberately find a gift that can make them take a break from their full schedules? A gift card for a massage would be highly appreciated. Same goes with a yoga, zumba, barre, or a spinning gift card. A spa gift box with lotion, soap and other beauty products would be a lovely gift too. Making them feel relaxed and pampered is one of the best ways to express how thankful you are for all their hard work. 

    3. By treating them out for coffee, lunch, dinner or a particular food or drink they really love.

    There's nothing like bonding with your favorite ladies over coffee. Preparing a sumptuous lunch or dinner for them whether in your place or at a fancy restaurant would be a great way of showing your appreciation too. Whether you get to do this by group or individually depending on their favorite coffee shop or restaurant, it speaks much of how well you know them and how well you thought of how you can thank her for being your bridesmaid.  What's even better is if they get to do this with people they love.  Giving them a coffee, wine or chocolate subscription will always be a reminder of your bonding times while preparing for your special day.   

    4. By getting sentimental.

    Your friendship with them has stood the test of time. They have witnessed both the good and bad of your life and stuck with you no matter what. Have them recall the good memories of your friendship by coming up with an album (on vinyl) or better yet a scrapbook for each of your bridesmaids. A photo frame with your favorite pic together would be nice too! You can also opt for jewelry. A bracelet or a necklace perhaps, that can symbolize the special bond you share with your favorite ladies. A sentimental gift will never fail to leave a mark as you continue to make lasting memories with your bride tribe. You can be sure your gift will always have a special spot in their hearts and remember the time they were bridesmaids on your special day.     

    5. By getting them prepped for your wedding day.

    Being a bridesmaid is saying yes to investing time and yes to investing resources too. Help your bride tribe spend less by providing her with day-of wedding necessities. This can vary from studs, necklaces, bracelets, which you can place in a nice jewelry organizer. Place hair accessories, robes, lip gloss, compact mirror, scented candles and the like on a gift box that is ready to be handed to your bridesmaids. If you are having a beach wedding, get her a gift box that contains a robe, towel, sunblock, sunglasses, and stemless wine glass or tumblers perhaps that will make her beach experience even more memorable. You can even provide her with slippers that she can use after the ceremony so she can enjoy your party without having to hurt her feet with high-heeled shoes. Some even opt to buy their bridesmaids shoes that they can use for the wedding day. Helping her prepare for your wedding day like taking care of the bill for her hair and makeup would be well appreciated too.  

    Remember that the goal is to make your ladies feel the love and gratitude you have for making your wedding day extra special. This is why it also matters to be creative when it comes to thinking of how to package these bridesmaid gifts. Choose a really nice personalized gift box where you can place all her favorite stuff depending on the theme you have chosen. Should you opt to give her pieces of jewelry, a gorgeous jewelry box would be the more appropriate packaging for it. If you want to give her make-up essentials, then a monogrammed makeup bag will be perfect for this. A personalized tote bag would also be a good packaging for her gifts and double as a bag she can carry on any occasion. No matter how you choose the gift or the way you present your gift, make sure that it sends them the message of how valuable they are to you and how much you really appreciate their presence in your life. Finish your packaging with a tag and pretty ribbon that matches your wedding motif and you are all set in giving one creative bridesmaid gift!