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    4 Things You Need to Check Off Before the Big Day

    4 Things You Need to Check Off Before the Big Day

    A wedding is a significant event as it marks a major life milestone. Planning for a wedding, though exciting, is daunting. It involves paying attention to details, remunerating things, choosing colors, and scouting for venues, among others, which can be one of the most unpleasant undertakings. Everyone needs an ideal wedding and wishes to impress their guests.

    However, preparing for the big day entails prepping for the major event - marriage. The bulk of time and resources should ensure that your big day marks a beautiful beginning. Here are things you need to check before your big day. 

    Get to Know Each Other

    The period between a first date and the wedding is about two years for most people. While 24 months sound like a long time, this period is marked by the excitement of first love. It is crucial to try to learn your partner and pick important cues intentionally.

    Try and get as much information about their past. This includes education history, identity, and employment, among others. As ridiculous as it may sound, you also need to know if your potential spouse has any criminal history. Unfortunately, anyone with a dark past may not give you the information. Consider engaging experts who can help you get information for a background check before you walk down the aisle.  

    Besides meeting for coffee and meals in restaurants, ensure that you travel together and do other challenging activities. Explore different things that test patience, make you tired, or situations where you are not at your best. Observe how you handle one another when you are cranky, tired, or sick. From these situations, pick red flags, strengths, and weaknesses. Note how your partner handles good news, bad news, pressure, and disappointments. 

    Discuss the Future

    Marriage is a journey, and you need to know if you are heading in the same direction right from the onset. Moving from an individual with their dreams to suddenly gelling your vision with another is nothing close to a smooth transition. You must keep up with each other’s habits, routines, and plans. 

    While it is impossible to have a seamless union, discussing the future will help reduce conflict. Talk about your short and long-term goals. Instead of making your habits fodder for fights, let your soon-to-be partner know your struggles and strengths as they share their side. Also, pick cues and discover habits that they may subconsciously practice. Discuss, and if you see any deal breakers, do not ignore them. 

    Check how You Both Handle Conflicts

    Conflicts are part of every marriage.Healthy conflict resolution is one of the core requirements of a lasting union. Understand how you manage disappointments and conflict before taking the vows on the big day. 

    You do not have to see things from the same viewpoint or employ the same method when arguing. But whatever style of conflict resolution one employs, ensure that it is functional and solution-seeking. Avoid normalizing dysfunctional and extreme approaches to conflicting situations and learn how to fight fair. 

    Work towards doing life as a team and wade through challenging situations with grace. 

    Plan for the Wedding

    Wedding planning is another opportunity for love birds to get to know each other better. Planning for a wedding can be nerve-wracking, but it has its beautiful moments. It’s a perfect case of roses and thorns.

    Here is a chance to test your team playing skills. Please pay attention to what excites your partner, angers them, and how you handle differing opinions. Draw a checklist complete with time frames and costs. Work towards a budget and invitation list together. If you pull through planning for a wedding together, congratulations! That was the first assignment. Get ready for the next one. 


    There is much more to the big day than a wedding. Your checklist for the big day should go beyond the few hours event. If you spot any deal breakers from the above-mentioned things, respectfully call off the wedding.