26 Bridesmaid Gifts for Your DIY Gift Box

July 10, 2018

26 Bridesmaid Gifts for Your DIY Gift Box

The wedding formula is simple. You hold a beautiful ceremony and reception to commemorate your love. Your loved ones come to enjoy, celebrate at your side, and shower you with gifts to fill your future home. Though you and your groom are certainly deserve presents the most, there’s more people involved in your wedding that deserve tokens of your appreciation for all they’ve done for you.

Show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate their continued love and support by putting together a DIY gift box for each of them. It’s a great way to give them gifts they’ll really love with a personal touch. Here’s 26 ideas of gifts to fill your gift boxes with!

1) Matching Satin Kimonos

A perfect keepsake they’ll be able to wear long after the wedding. Your bridesmaids all in matching, personalized satin robes will look amazing in your wedding day photos!

2) Initial Bracelets

Bridesmaids Initial Bracelet

These initial bangles are effortlessly chic. The knot’s an obvious nod to your wedding while still being super wearable long afterward.

3) Handkerchief

Bridesmaid Hankerchief
I mean. This handkerchief is just the sweetest. Maybe your bridesmaids won’t be able to comply with that simple request, but at least they’ll be reminded in an adorable way.

4) Personalized Tumblers

    You totally need an adorable tumbler with your name on it. So do each of your bridesmaids! Embrace the matchy-matchy by giving them each a personalized tumbler coordinated with your wedding colors. These tumblers in particular are infinitely customizable - and super affordable at only $12.99 each!


    5) Engraved Champagne Glasses

    Go a little swankier - get each of your ‘maids these engraved champagne flutes to commemorate your special day. So classy for pictures, so great to remember your wedding by.

    6) Bridesmaids Slippers

    Bridesmaid Personalized Slippers
      There’s no reason for ANYTHING not to match on your big day. Get your bridesmaids some comfy slippers to lounge in - before they have to wear heels all day!

      7) Monogrammed Weekender Bag

        DIY is fun and all… But giving each of your bridesmaids an adorable weekender bag is a great (and sneaky!) way to skip the hard cutesy do-it-yourself stuff altogether and give them an extra gift they’ll love while you’re at it! Throw all of the little gifts you’ll be giving your bridesmaids in a stylish bag they’ll use again and again.


        9) T-Shirts

          Bridal Party T Shirts
          Get your bridesmaids matching t-shirts proclaiming exactly who they are. Matching shirts are especially cute for any pre-wedding events!

          9) Matching Sunglasses

            So cute, especially for a destination wedding. Buy your ‘maids these fun matching sunglasses. You can even get each girl’s initial monogrammed on the side!

            10) Custom Caricature Mug

              Too sweet for words. Get each of your ‘maids a super special customized mug with a caricature of themselves. She’ll definitely treasure this one!

              11) Initial Necklace

                These dainty necklaces are the perfect gift for any bridesmaid. They’re delicate, easy-to-wear, and sentimental. Plus, these ones even specifically say “Thank you for being my bridesmaid” or “Thank you for being my maid of honor” on the packaging - what could be more perfect? At only $25.99, these quality necklaces are a steal.

                12) Personalized Jewelry Dish

                  So darling and SO useful! Give each of your bridesmaids a cute monogrammed ring dish to keep their wedding jewelry in.

                  13) Earrings

                    These classy earrings from Etsy come with a fully-customizable message card. Give your girlfriends jewelry and a heartfelt note in one.

                    14) Monogrammed Baseball Caps

                    The bridesmaid gift you never knew you needed. Can you picture your best girl friends getting ready with their matching robes, matching baseball caps and tumblers? Cutest wedding party ever - and that’s even before hair and makeup are done!

                      15) Personalized Hangers

                        Details, details, details! These quality hangers will add the sweetest touch to your busy morning of getting ready. And as a bonus, they’ll help distinguish whose bridesmaid dress or robe is whose!

                        16) Chocolate

                          What girl doesn’t love chocolate? Give the sweet girls in your life something extra sweet to fill up their gift box with.

                          17) Cosmetic Bag

                          Make those mid-wedding touch-ups extra fun. Gift each of your bridesmaids a personalized makeup bag. You can customize these to your liking - whether you choose to simply put “bridesmaid” on each one or each of your friends’ names, the possibilities are endless!

                          18) Floral Compact

                          Naturally you won’t want to gift your bridesmaids an empty cosmetic bag - fill it up with treasures that are equally special. Compacts are so handy and a great way for her to remember your wedding in a simple way.

                            19) Travel Mani-Pedi Set

                              Make sure your bridesmaids’ nails are always looking as flawless as they are by gifting them a small mani-pedi set. It’s both stylish and totally functional.

                              20) Lipstick

                                Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life - it will also be one of the longest days of your life. Lipstick touch-ups are going to be inevitable. Give each of your bridesmaids a flattering shade of lipstick to keep them looking great all day long.

                                21) Perfume

                                  Your bridesmaids will have a cohesive look - why not have them have a cohesive scent too? Buy rollerball or travel sizes of a scent you love to include in your bridesmaids’ gift box. DAISY by Marc Jacobs is a classic.

                                  22) Sephora Gift Card

                                    Let her fill the rest of that cosmetic bag the way she wants to. Give her the gift of makeup AND the gift of shopping with a Sephora gift card!

                                    23) Candle

                                      Who doesn’t love candles? Give each of your bridesmaids a cute mason jar candle with their initial on them.

                                      24) “Fill In the Love” Journal

                                        So thoughtful, so sentimental - and so EASY. Buy one of these cute journals and fill in the blanks to tell your friends what you love about them and how much they mean to you. They’ll be sure to cherish this long after your wedding’s over.

                                        25) Bridesmaids Caricature

                                          So unexpected and fun! Have an expert artist sketch your group of bridesmaids, then give each of your friends a copy. You can choose to have them sketched in their bridesmaids dresses, or in outfits that match their personality. Even the background is customizable!

                                          26) A truly heartfelt note

                                            No gift can tell your bridesmaids how much they mean to you better than you can. Take the time to write each of your bridesmaids a personal, genuine thank-you note. Tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in their wedding. Knowing that you truly care will make the fun gifts mean even more.

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