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    21 Maid of Honor Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Jewelry

    Let’s be real, most women love jewelry. And if any female specie gets to play Maid of Honor at a wedding, she will surely appreciate a maid of honor gift she can wear on your wedding day and the days after. So, for the lady who will stand by your side as you say I do, an equally stunning gift must be in play. Here are 21 Maid of Honor Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Jewelry. 

    21. Classic Elegance 


    The woman who will stand beside you on your wedding day can never upstage you because you will be the prettiest for sure. However, allowing her to walk the aisle too with Classic Elegance will be good for you too as everyone will know that you are more than willing to share your spotlight and your love for your sister at heart. These bridal earrings are made with clear Cubic Zirconia which is faceted and captures the light from every angle making its sparkle more noticeable.

    20. Pearl and Crystal Earrings


    The gift of the sea and the land can always go side by side, especially when put together for jewelry such as these Pearl and Crystal Earrings. Your Maid of Honor will look stunning wearing something that is glossy and one that sparkles in one accessory. The white freshwater pearl measures approximately 9mm and the square glass blocks are 9mm with 3mm thickness. The ear wires are 14k gold filled making this set fusion of elegance and beauty.

    19. Sparkling Silver Earrings 


    Let your ladies wear their hairs up or pulled to show these lavishly stunning Sparkling Silver Earrings. Crafted with dazzling crystals, these bridal earrings are 7/8’ long and are plated in Sterling Silver. It will glam the face and touch the heart of your beloved Maid of Honor when you hand her an accessory that she can use even after your wedding day. These Rhinestone V Drop Earrings, which are also fitting for a bride, will sparkle their way into the hearts and in the eyes of every onlooker.

    18. Today My Maid of Honor Forever My Sister Necklace


    The antiqued floral motif on this Today My Maid of Honor Forever My Sister Necklace is so dainty that it will be a great way to say that your Maid of Honor will always be an important person in your life. It comes in either antique silver or antique brass finish to give her a choice of tone and look she wants to display. The note part can be edited and personalized based on your preference.

    17. Infinite Love Knot Necklace 


    As you marry the man you will live forever, let your Maid of Honor wear something that also signifies how much you will always love her. This Infinite Love Knot Necklace is made with 14K rose gold and silver plating that will ensure a very long lasting brilliant finish that is nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The lobster clasp closure makes it hang secure on her neck.

    16. Coming Up Roses 


    This Coming Up Roses necklace is created with the timeless beauty of the rose in mind. Inspired by the beauty and kindness of nature, this necklace is the perfect way to show your Maid of Honor how much they mean to you. You can customize it with their initial or initials to be placed on the leaves to make this 18 inches more heartwarming and prettier to wear as she walks down the aisle.

    15. Open Heart Necklace


    The Open Heart Necklace features a floating heart that is the symbol of love. The very love that brought you into a place of becoming a bride and needing a maid of honor. This simple yet timeless necklace is an adorable way to thank your gal pal for holding a place in your heart and for holding your bouquet as your wedding commences.

    14. MOH Necklace

    Give your Maid of Honor a dainty MOH Necklace that carries a beautiful sparkly pendant. It has a ribbon design that is embellished with Cubic Zirconia, leading the eye down to the 7mm round cut Cubic Zirconia. Crafted with 14k White Gold over Stainless Steel, this piece of neck accessory has an adjustable oblate cable chain that allows the necklace to be worn at 18" to 22" in length. 

    13. Love By My Side 


    The love of your life will be married to you and be with you for as long as your marriage will allow it. Ask the other love of your love to stand by your side as you say I do or say “Thank you” by giving your Maid of Honor this Love By My Side necklace. This 18k plated gold bracelet comes with a personalized monogram initial, heart charm, and a glitzy gem.

    12. Heart of Gold Bracelet  


    Your sister or friend may have a heart of gold because she has stayed by your side, as she deserves a representation of her love for you. Let this Heart of Gold Bracelet be the most touching and symbolic accessory she can wear as she walks down the aisle with you. This piece is 18K plated gold and can be adjusted to fit different wrist widths.

    11. Maid of Honor Cuff


    The wonder woman or amazing lady on your wedding day deserves a Maid of Honor Cuff to scream in style how much you recognize her contribution to your life and wedding. Made of Stainless Steel, this bracelet is sturdy and will not tarnish or flake. Hence, this piece is made to last just like your friendship. Plus it is easily adjustable with a squeeze or a pull.

    10. Birthstone and Knot MOH Bracelet


    You are about to tie the knot so let your Maid of Honor ramp around with this Birthstone and Knot MOH Bracelet. It is 18-20 cm long and is adjustable to fit most wrists. Weighing about 13g, this piece can either be Gold, Silver, or Rose gold. It is embellished with Swarovski Crystals that can be personalized depending on the birthstone.

    9. Double Cable Chain Anklet


    If your Maid of Honor will be wearing a short dress, this Double Cable Chain Anklet will be a unique surprise of an accessory as she walks down the aisle. It is available in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. 14K Gold filled is a practical balance between cost and quality. It also has a thick layer of 14k gold, heat, and pressure bonded to a high-quality brass core. Sterling Silver is a solid precious metal that lasts forever.

    8. Maia Gemstone Anklet


    Get your Maid of Honor’s ankle, MOH-ready with a small string of gemstones nestled on a dainty chain. This Maia Gemstone Anklet may either have a 14K Gold or Sterling Silver finish. It may also be embellished with gemstones of your choice. Some gemstone choices are Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, White Topaz, Emerald, Freshwater Pearl, Ruby, Peridot, and many more. Her foot will shine and her heart will be filled.

    7. Personalized Gold Name Anklet


    If you like then you should put her name on it. Yes, but the name of your Maid of Honor in this Personalized Gold Name Anklet and watch her walk down the aisle with glee. Made of either 14K Solid Gold or Sterling Silver, her feel will look lovely walking even on the sand, barefooted and everyone will know that the bride values and honor her bestie.

    6. Pavé Diamond X Ring


    This Pavé Diamond X Ring gives a whole new elegant meaning to the letter X that has been negated for a while. Inspired by the endearing signoff, the XO edition celebrates affection between you and her. This piece is handcrafted in 14k solid gold and set with responsibly sourced single-cut pavé diamonds featuring a gentle overlap of the X. Diamonds are responsibly sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free and socially responsible practices.

    5. Princess Cut Birthstone MOH Ring


    Show your Maid of Honor the royalty that she is by giving her this Princess Cut Birthstone MOH Ring. This squared shape birthstone women's ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver material and engraved with a text engraved inside that simply gives your bestie the ownership of such beauty that she deserves. The stone is made of Cubic Zirconia and the ring may come in either Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold finish.

    4. Initial and Gemstone Bridesmaid Ring


    So you are wearing two rings once your wedding is done: Engagement and Wedding ring. Let your Maid of Honor have a ring with two beautiful features such as this Initial and Gemstone Bridesmaid Ring. Made of Cubic Zirconia and Stainless Steel, it may come in either yellow gold or white gold. Wearing it on your wedding day will be like a medal for your relationship.

    3. Tie the Knot Ring


    As you tie the knot, let your Maid of Honor wear a knot on her finger as a sign that even as you get married, your bond will remain intact. Tie the Knot Ring is made of Hypoallergenic and Non-Tarnishing Stainless Steel that is of High Quality and provides long-lasting color. The size is adjustable to fit most.

    2. Signet Ring for Women


    When your Maid of Honor’s makeup is done and her dress is on, let this Signet Ring for Women be her much-needed accent. It is made of 18K gold PVD layered over Stainless Steel which means it will not change color and can even be worn in the water. Since it’s waterproof, she can swim right after the reception is done. 

    1. Handwrite Name Ring


    If you have amazing handwriting, make it a gift to your Maid of Honor as a “thank you” for staying with you as you say “I do!” Write her name and turn it to a Handwrite Name Ring. Made of 925 Sterling Silver, it can be made in either Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver color. Every time she looks at her ring, she will read more than her name.