20 Best Bridesmaid Gifts Your Ladies will Adore

July 24, 2018

20 Best Bridesmaid Gifts Your Ladies will Adore


Your best friends, go-to-girls and life-long confidant...yes we’re talking about your bridesmaids. They have stood by your side through thick and thin and now will stand by you during one of the most magical, memorable and special moments of your life! Thank them in best way possible with one (or two) of these fantastic bridesmaid gifts!

1) Tote bag galore

Black Bridesmaid Tote Bag

Solid structure, zipper, adjustable strap and fun tassel. What could be better? This tote bag is a FANTASTIC bridesmaid gift. Set your girls up with success with this striped and personalized tote. It’s perfect to throw a notepad in to take notes during meetings with the caterer or photographer AND it’s just as great for your weekend bachelorette trip.

2) Champagne for the win!

Bridesmaid Gift Idea Champagne Flute

Your girls will love making a toast in these personalized stemless champagne glasses. The cursive print is gorgeous and you can choose which color you want the print.

3) Sparkling diamonds earrings for your sparkling gals

Bridesmaids Gifts Sparkling Ear Rings

They’re not real diamonds but a fabulous pair of Cubic Zirconia crystal studs comes pretty close These gorgeous earrings are hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free so all your bridesmaids can wear them. They even come in a cute festive box with a message card for you to add your own special touch to each gift.

4) Tie-the-knot bracelet

Bridesmaids Gift Idea Bracelet

Ask your friends to be your bridesmaids in the cutest way possible with these bracelets. They’re simple, yet stylish and are sure to fit each and every one of your bridesmaids because they’re adjustable! So no need to worry about sizing.

5) Wedding robes

Bridesmaids robes are all the craze. These siky and bejeweled beauties can be cherished for years to come. They are a sweet reminder to all your bridesmaids of your amazing friendship (and they’re comfy too).

6) Cool coozies

Bachelorette Party Gift Idea Coozie

If beer is more your thing, give your gal pals a gift to keep their beverage icy cool. These cool coozies are super festive and will come in handy for sure! These pink coozies are a great way to invite your bridesmaid’s to your “drinking team.”

7) Hair ties with a purpose

Bridesmaid Hair Tie

What is the purpose? The hair ties say it all: to have and to hold your hair back. Flower, gold, pink, green and unicorn? The theme options are endless and your bridesmaids will appreciate this elastic hair tie that will help to not crease their perfect locks.

8) Bath bombs!

Bath Bombs Great Bridesmaids Gift Idea

Give your girls the gift of relaxation with these gorgeous coconut oil and shea butter bath bombs. Wedding planning is stressful, so cut down on the damage and let your girls enjoy some good relaxation.

9) Sparkly, Sassy, Spunky Tumbler

Silver Tumbler for your Bridesmaids

Choose from any color of the rainbow (and so many more) for these adorable glitter cup and straw tumblers. They’re great to stay hydrated and look great while doing it.

10) Leather clutch/wallet

Bridesmaid Clutch makes a great gift

We use one everyday...so you know this gift won’t go to waste. These adorable leather clutch/wallets are even personalized with your bridesmaids initials...and the best part? You have leather color options!

11) Wrap & Write Gift box

Great gifts set for your Bridesmaids

Now this is a fun one - choose a shawl color for each bridesmaid (then tuck their favorite type of wine inside the shawl). The gift set also includes a journal and the box is engraved!

12) Makeup bag

Makeup Bags make great Bridesmaid Gifts

Natural canvas makeup bag with a gorgeous gold zipper. It even has a gold foil bridesmaid design to stick with the bridal theme. It’s perfect to toss makeup in on-the-go!

13) Stainless steel wine tumbler

Personalized Stemless Wine Tumbler

Now we’re talking! A cute tumbler is fun and cute but what about a to-go made for WINE. These are adorable and are sure to become your bridesmaids new favorite cup.

14) Personalized bar necklace

Bridesmaid Jewlery

Name, nickname, coordinates of where you met (highschool, neighbors growing up, co-workers), special dates, the list and options go on of what you can personalize on these gorgeous bridesmaid necklaces.

15) Comfy meets cute with this V-neck

Bridal Party V Neck

These are perfect for any bachelorette party/weekend festivity/etc. They’re super fun for your bridesmaids to show-off their new title and celebrate your upcoming wedding!

16) Scent of honor? Candle for your go-to gal!

Will you be my bridesmaid candle

Smells great and is super cute...these sweet candles are the perfect gift to ask your maid of honor to be your maid of honor!! Plus it comes in tons of flavors and is poured in an adorable gold tin.

17) Simple & Sweet necklace

Simple Necklace for Bridesmaids

This delicate pearl necklace is a fantastic gift for all your maid of honors. It’s subtle and classy! All your girls are sure to appreciate its elegance no matter what jewelry preference they have!

18) “No Ugly Crying” handkerchief

Fun Bridal Party Gift

These are LOL worthy! If some of your bridesmaids are criers...this is the gift for them! “No ugly crying” handkerchief is funny and sweet all at the same time.

19) Mugshot sign?

Fun Bachelorette Party Gift

This isn’t for a real arrest… but taking a fake mugshot with a bachelorette mugshot sign is truly hilarious. Let your best friends pick which sign fits them best and let the “mugshots” begin!

20) Sashes for all

Bachelorette Party Sashes

Let the world know you’re getting married while also showing who the special bridesmaids who will stand by your side are! These super cute sashes add extra pizzazz to your special day!

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