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    19 Best Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

    So your wedding is taking place in a far-off location. But while a destination wedding is a much anticipated one, it also requires more detailed preparation. Before you get lost in all the planning whatnots, choose a thematic gift for your bridesmaids so they too can have a feel of that thrill you are feeling now. Here is a list of the 19 Best Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts.

    19. My Squad’s Tumblers

    The pandemic brought people into a state of constant concern about whether what they are touching, eating, or breathing is clean or not. It will not be a wonder if, during your wedding, your bride's tribe will feel the same apprehension as they hydrate. Ease their concern by giving them their own drinking cup. My Squad’s Tumblers are trendy 20 oz skinny tumblers that may be personalized with your squads’ roles and names along with beautiful entourage visuals.

    18. Bridesmaid Engraved Gold Flask

    Your bridesmaids deserve a regal gift that they may bring and use for your destination wedding. This Bridesmaid Engraved Gold Flask will be like hitting the nail on the head when it comes to gift-giving as it not only exemplifies grandeur in every sip but it also makes your tribe feel extremely special. It will feel like a gold medal they won’t wear but drink their favorite beverage from. Not to mention it will be engraved with their names, just to seal the deal.

    17. Throwing Shade 

    Should you decide to go to a destination wedding and do it outdoors, you can guarantee that no one will be Throwing Shade  or tantrums because this gift will protect your bride tribe’s eyes and make them look even hotter than the sun. If you decide to do it at night, these eye accessories will still do the trick and they will even match your theme as they come in various colors. The personalization part is the bonus feature your gal pals deserve.

    16. Thank You Cosmetic Bag

    As your bridal babes pack their makeup neatly, you will want them to feel your gratitude as they zip it. The best way to do that is by giving them this Thank You Cosmetic Bag. It comes with a message inside that says “Thank you for being my (wedding role)” and it may also be printed with a short custom message inside of up to 40 characters in 2 lines. So in case you are feeling more poetic or sentimental, bring the letters as they bring their make-up for your wedding.

    15. Bridesmaid’s Treat Box 

    Before they pack their bags, hand your bridesmaids a Bridesmaid’s Treat Box  and their wedding vibe will be put to a maximum. This set comes with matching earrings and necklaces, as well as a choice of either a light pink or white floral robe to wear as you all get ready on the morning of your wedding. After wearing them, they get to bring them back home and make it a personal reminder of how wonderful your destination was, and the friendship you will continue to share with all of them.

    14. The peak of Pretty 

    Not all wedding venues and sleeping arrangements offer free slippers. After a long day of traveling in shoes and probably walking, let your ladies rest their feet with a The peak of Pretty. Available in standard women’s sizes of small, medium, and large these footwears are ideal for your bridal party's go-to beach flip flops. The ladies can wear the flat, slip-on sandals at a destination wedding, or to a spa day bachelorette party where being barefoot is not acceptable.

    13. Garment Cover

    Of course, your ladies will be part of your entourage and they will be wearing glamorous dresses. Part of their role as your bridesmaids is to look pretty alongside you on your wedding day. To achieve that, they will need their outfits neat and wrinkle-free. This Garment Cover will ensure that their clothes will be traveled safely to your destination wedding and it can be hanged neatly on the drawers as they arrive.  Regardless of the color and design, this gift will serve your bridal babes well on your wedding day and other occasions.

    12. The Traveling Bridesmaid Bag 

    Bridesmaids showing up at the hotel of your destination wedding carrying the same bag with their names on it will be a dainty surprise and eye candy for all. The Traveling Bridesmaid Bag  is an over-the-shoulder duffle that comes with a long detachable strap so that your girls can fit just about everything they need for the wedding. It comes in multiple colors so your theme will still be in the scene and your gals will not be carrying the same colored totes.

    11. Hair Wrap

    On your wedding day, your bridesmaids will be clamoring to fix themselves most quickly and effectively possible. Send help by giving them a Hair Wrap they may use to protect their hair at its weakest when it’s wet. The sturdy button-loop closure will secure all of their hair leaving their hands free to do the rest of their routines such as putting on make-up and whatnot. Plus, it leaves hair 5x stronger than speed drying with a blow dryer.

    10. Round About Towel

    After the ceremony and reception of your wedding, your bridesmaids may want to dip in the pool or plunge in the sea. Let them dry themselves after with a Round About Towel and get the attention and wrapping they deserve. It features a microfiber material for easy drying after swimming. Printed on one side, each towel is personalized with each of your bridesmaid's names in black script, making it a real must-give and must-have for your ladies. 

    9. Waterproof Wet Bikini And Swimsuit Bag

    Save your bridesmaids from hauling around a damp swimsuit after a day of fun in the waters with this Waterproof Wet Bikini And Swimsuit Bag. The soft cotton material, convenient waterproof lining, and chic anchor zipper pull make this bikini bag makes it a purposeful tool to carry on a destination or beach wedding. A stylish wristlet handle makes it easy to carry around, and a separate interior zippered pocket can hold cash and keys, or any other important things that you want to keep dry. And, it may be embroidered with their names so they will never grab the wrong set of bikinis. 

    8. Crystal Compact 

    Ready those boxes and line up the bags. Grab all your gifts for your bridesmaids and put them inside your package of choice. Add a Crystal Compact  and you are good to send them off to your destination wedding. This dazzling little compact comes in three beautiful finishes: Rose Gold, Gold, or Silver. Personalize it with the name of your bridesmaids and they will touch up their make-up in style and with love from the most amazing bride.

    7. Dress Me Up

    After your make-up is done, it’s time to say “Dress Me Up” to your bride tribe and they will be there doing exactly that. But before they glam you up, they will need to be dressed up first. Their outfits will hang perfectly on the personalized hangers you will give them and they will no longer need to worry whether or not the hotel has such a tool for them. Made from natural hardwood, these hangers may be personalized with hard-set Vinyl lettering.

    6. Snap Tote

    Redundant as it may seem, women carry a lot of bags during travel. So for your destination wedding, they will need a cosmetic bag, luggage, shoe bag, toiletries bag, and a Snap Tote, you know, in case there is a chance for a quick lunch out or shopping. Each tote bag is made from durable 100% cotton and has a brushed-copper snap closure to make sure all essentials stay put. The buttery-soft leather straps add a luxurious finishing touch to this already wonderful gift.

    5. Boho Beach Bag

    You probably planned a beach or outdoor destination wedding and your bridesmaids are all excited to go. Make their thrill escalate with this Boho Beach Bag that will make them stroll the hallways of your venue and sandy shores in style. Each macrame bag comes with the color options of pink or white and an embroidered bride or babe patch, in case you want to get one for yourself too. Your bride tribe may even use it as they walk the aisle because its elegant beauty just fits anywhere. 

    4. Spa Gift Set

    When the party is over and the sun has done its part, you ladies will appreciate a recuperating spa time. This Spa Gift Set_ includes 1 - 3.5oz soap of your choice, 1 - Lip Balm of your choice, 1 - 4oz bath salt in Pink Grapefruit (or Lavender or Citrus Lavender), 1 - Muscle Rescue Balm Tin, 1 - Skin Rescue Balm Tin, 1 Gift box with navy grosgrain ribbon, and a gift tag with your message of appreciation. 

    3. Sleep Squad 

    Sure they are your bride tribe, but when the party is over, they will all be your Sleep Squad . Make your ladies take their sweet slumber in this 100% cotton rayon outfit because they deserve it. Pattern choices for these shirts include Confetti Hearts, Palm, Floral, and Tie Dye and sizes available are from regular to plus size. Every lady will be cozy in this sleepwear. A one-letter personalization feature from this purchase adds more to its appeal.

    2. Vaccination Card/Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

    Let not your bridesmaids’ passports, vaccination cards, and luggage be lost or exchanged with their roommate as they travel to your wedding destination. Give them this Vaccination Card/Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set and have it personalized with their names or initials in it. These leather passport covers have a Radio Frequency Blocking Lining so personal information cannot be stolen using scanners. It protects the passport and card as well as their identities making it a must-have for traveling.

    1. Personalized Jewelry Box 

    Weddings require glamor and elegance and beyond clothes and shoes, pieces of jewelry will be a necessity to bring an outfit in its utmost appearance. As your ladies travel to your wedding destination, they will need to bring their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Of course, they have to protect them too. This Personalized Jewelry Box  will be your way of thanking them while allowing them to guard their precious accessories.