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    17 Funny Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Love

    Your relationship with your besties may probably have been filled with challenges, drama, fashion, and a lot of fun. For your wedding, let humor surround the venue of your bachelorette party as your bridesmaids receive the most hilarious gifts from the bride. Here are 17 Funny Bridesmaid Gifts That She Will Love.

    17. Caricature Bridesmaid Mason Jar


    This Caricature Bridesmaid Mason Jar is a pregame for your ladies before your big celebration. Your ladies will burst into laughter once they see this mug with the funniest caricature version of their faces. It shall make your bride tribe feel that they have a special jar just for them. The fun they had at the bridal shower, as well as your wedding, will all be remembered every time they drink from a mug as cool as this one.

    16. Drinking Team Shirts 


    Subtle and bold at the same time, these Drinking Team Shirts just flaunts that your squad is your team when it comes to drinking. Not that it’s a competition or what but you will need your gal pals as you get drunk irresponsibly for the last time during your bachelorette party. Available in XS, S. M, L, XL, and 2XL, your babes in all shapes and sizes will have a version for them that fits. Choose from Black, Pink, Grey, and White to match your wedding palette.

    15. Chocolate Penis


    Talk about choking on the gift and upon seeing the gift. This Chocolate Penis will have your ladies erupting in laughter and spitting saliva upon seeing what you have in store for them. Such a gift is originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, etc. to “eat a dick” without getting into trouble. But for you, this bridesmaid gift will spice up the bridal shower as your ladies laugh and devour a yummy penis… chocolate that is.

    14. Funny Will, You Be My Bridesmaid Card


    Unless your bestie is an all-out type of gal, no one will say yes to your proposal if it means they will get peed on. Luckily this Funny Will, You Be My Bridesmaid Card springs the right amount of humor and wit as it presents a funny prelude and reveals a loving invite towards the end. It is a unique fold-out card that reads “I might pee on you” when folded, and  “I might make you hold my dress as I pee, make you go on silly errands, or annoy you. But I hope you’ll accept. Will you be my Bridesmaid?” when unfolded. Clever huh?

    13. Funny Bachelorette Party Tee


    Your wedding is set and your ladies said “Yes” to be your bridesmaids. It is time to pick the funniest gift to give them at your bachelorette party. Let this Funny Bachelorette Party Tee be a fitting choice and humorous addition to their wardrobe that they may use even after your wedding day is over. Assign the coolest roles for each of your babes and print them in these shirts such as: “I’ll bring the booze” or “I’ll hide the evidence” that will make them all sound like crazy gals while you will simply be the “Bride”

    12. Photo Custom Personalized Thong


    Prepare your gals for what is to happen in your bridal shower by giving them this Photo Custom Personalized Thong. They may wear it during the wedding or the party before as you anticipate some action to happen. Print with the face of their Hollywood or Korean crushes and they shall reveal funny underpants before they take them off. Make It even laughable by printing this nylon and spandex thong with the face of their exes our favorite comedian.

    11. Funny Wedding Thermal


    It is a common joke for parents to tell their only son or daughter that they are their favorite son or daughter. Do the same with this Funny Wedding Thermal and let each of your bridesmaids know that they are your favorite. Once they show their gifts to one another, they will know that it is a practical joke but when the laughter and the teasing die down, they will know you meant it seriously.

    10. Funny Bridesmaid Necklace

    Usually, in gangster movies, when a person knows too much, they handle them and make them disappear. But in the case of a bride-to-be, a woman who knows too much about her is automatically promoted from being a best friend for life to being a bridesmaid. Made of stainless steel and white gold, with Cubic Zirconia, this Funny Bridesmaid Necklace is a testament that your best friend will not be handled by knowing too much but will be loved and kept forever. You know, to keep her from spilling your secrets.

    9. The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook: Help the Bride Shine Without Losing Your Mind


    Once your bridesmaid said “Yes” to standing by your side as you walk down the aisle, you may reveal to her what is needed for her role. A whole world of joys and jobs await that special lady and she will need The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook: Help the Bride Shine Without Losing Your Mind to get her through. It will help her become a brilliant bridesmaid which also means a brilliant therapist, communications coordinator, stylist, and bodyguard to the bride. The mere sight of this book will make her laugh because of how serious the task at hand is.

    8. Funny Bridesmaid Movie Pencils


    For your bridesmaids who love the movie about them, these Funny Bridesmaid Movie Pencils will be a hilarious gift as it is filled with quotes from the movie “Bridesmaids” that surely made them laugh. These engraved pencils will be the hit of any classroom, office, or home, leaving everyone wanting a set of their own. Anyone who can write and use a pencil will love this gift to use for scribing or just to laugh about. This #2 pencil comes in a set of 8 which is perfect to give to all your ladies. Throw in a journal or a scratch pad to make the gift complete.

    7. Friendship is Like This Candle


    Friendship is Like This Candle will honor your friendship as this hilarious candle is equal parts sweet and…threatening. Made from 100% All-Natural Soy Candle this candle is hand-infused with premium fragrance oils and has Cotton with Paper Core Wick in a strong reusable glass jar. It is Lavender and Lemongrass scented so more than making your bridesmaids laugh, this candle will fill their homes with a therapeutic aroma. They just need to ensure not to forget about you and you will burn their house down, but hey, you are just kidding right? Or not!

    6. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Gift


    This “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Funny Bridesmaid Proposal Gift starts with a message that seems to acknowledge your gal pal’s contribution to your life, in a not-so-ideal sense, and ends in a hilarious proposal. Make your bridesmaids say yes to a funny proposal while giving them something they may flaunt and drink from before, during, and after your wedding. It reads in front” You’ve helped me through every other bad decision. Let’s keep the tradition alive! Will you be my bridesmaid?” Not that getting married is a bad decision, but you get the point here.

    5. Funny Champagne Glass


    Help your bride tribe celebrate you and your upcoming wedding in the messiest way possible. This Funny Champagne Glass that is crafted to look like a bong was made for the rowdiest of your bridesmaids, who are most likely already on your list while checking this magical contraption. It holds 6 oz. of their favorite Champagne, Prosecco, or other sparkling beverage of choice. Elegantly designed to make drinking a more stylish, funny, and classy experience this glass will be a gift your bridesmaids will always use even just by drinking water.

    4. Personalized Baseball Cap


    This Personalized Baseball Cap is a perfect gift for friends who want to have a little fun in the sun. Your weekend getaway with your bridal babes just got a whole lot more interesting and funnier with this hat that designates roles to each lady in your squad. Made of 100% cotton twill,  it is comfortable enough to be worn the whole day. Featuring six-panel, low-profile, and unstructured details, this cap is distressed to give a vintage look.

    3. Penis Shaped Candle


    Whether your ladies like to admit it or not, they all want a rock-hard Penis Shaped Candle. Yes, candle! For spa time to be cozier or for dinner moments to be, well in this case, funnier than sweeter. This humorous 6-7 inches in length candle will make your ladies giggle in laughter and may be hesitant to use and burn it for a time. Well, it doesn’t matter. You would have achieved your goal to make them smile by then.

    2. Party on a Glass


    Pick the most embarrassing photo of your besties and put them in a wine glass. Bring all these gifts together in on the table and you all would have had a Party on a Glass. Now every wine night you can show off your crazy bridesmaids' moments with these high-quality engraved glasses. Each glass will be engraved by an amazing artist so you can guarantee the precision or if by request, you want more humor in the image. This will make you celebrate and laugh the whole night.

    1. Her Tribe


    Every bride needs “Her Tribe” and yours will be shocked at first glance with your shot glass gifts as they line up at the table filled with your poison of choice and look like they are giving your ladies “the finger”. Of course, you will not do that! Because the one finger raised was not the middle, but the very much engaged and ringed one. Still, it’s fun to see their faces react after thinking that their designated shot glasses are making a bold statement.