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    17 Bridesmaid Hairstyles That Will Have Your Girls Looking Great

    A great hairdo is tantamount to wearing the right accessories and wearing well-put-together make-up. It should be aligned to the dress that the bridesmaids will be wearing as well as the shape of their faces and the hair accessories of their preference. Hairstyles should complement the dress, the face, the make-up, and the accessories that is why a huge amount of time is dedicated to choosing, trying, and making it for a particular situation or event. If you do not have so much time to ask stylists or do an in-depth search of the best and most appropriate ones for your bride squad, let this list of 17 Bridesmaid Hairstyles That Will Have Your Girls Looking Great, be a quick but helpful run-through of your choices.

    17. Half-Up, Half-Down


    Fit for whatever style of dress, this Half-Up, Half-Downhairdo is easy to do and easy to improve. It can elevate simple curls and highlight straight hairs in one sweep of half your tresses. You may also add in twists, braids, flowers, hair combs, or other hairpieces to make this classy look more stunning on your wedding day.

    16. Twisted Low Bun


    For a simple bridesmaid hairstyle, this look will be one of the easy choices. However, the simplicity of its make-up allows the stylist and your gal pals to add pretty little details to it. This Twisted Low Bun hairdo is straightforward from the front, but the twists at the back provide just enough romance and style. If you want your bridesmaids to have a “put together look” as they move, and embellish them before they walk down the aisle, this look is a wise option.

    15. Braided Updo

    Neat and steady. This Braided Updo hairstyle offers that plus a surprisingly dainty visual. Simply have your stylist French braid the sides of the hairs and pin them in the back for a quick and effortlessly elegant look that will complement your bridesmaids’ dresses and make-up. Their hairs will be completely out of their way with this updo. This style is perfect for dresses that cover the shoulders to present a little bit more skin.

    14. Fishtail Ponytail

    The minute this hairstyle was discovered, ladies in almost all wedding events wanted to try this Fishtail Ponytail hairdo. Who can blame these women? This ponytail hairstyle for bridesmaids gives a clean and polished look with a surprise glamour at the back. It is best for women with short to medium hair length and it will be fitting for bridesmaids’ dresses with gorgeous details at the back as it will not be covered by hair.   

    13. Twisted Sides

    This Twisted Sides hairstyle has the option of either making at a classic low bun at the back or a loose straight or curly ending. Simply twist both sides of the hair and let ends meet in the lower back center of the head. Seal it with an elastic or pin. Either let the remaining hair flow straight, curl it to your heart’s desire or make it a soft bun to bring texture and drama to the wedding day look.

    12. Pulled to One side


    Let your ladies bring out their beautiful bridesmaid earrings or long elegant pieces, make them wear it like an installment as this Pulled to One Side hairstyle will clear the ear area on one side while covering the other with well made-up hair. This hairdo will add a touch of glamour to the loose curls of your bridal babes by pulling those manes to one side of their faces. Elegant and easy to do, this hairstyle will look perfect for any formal occasion.

    11. Bombshell Curls


    Your ladies will nail-wearing bridesmaids’ dresses with serious back exposure if they match it with this hairstyle. The beauty of its look and the simplicity of the process makes it hard to go wrong in doing such a hairdo. The long curls maintain a certain cute and feminine uniformity amongst the group, regardless of their hair color and length. Bombshell Curls can be a great setup for a bride and bridesmaid photo session while looking at the ocean. I mean, looking at the waves while rocking waves is a cool way to visualize it.

    10. Simple Bun


    Contrary to popular belief, a Simple Bun is not a usual choice because it is the easiest to pull. This hairdo is surprisingly versatile in that it can be styled in tight or loose configurations in high, mid, or low positions. Each variance provides a clean and elegant look that is easy to embellish with pins, flowers, or any other hair accessories. It matches most outfits but it particularly standouts when there is a need to show the neck, make pieces of pieces of jewelry protrude, or if the bridesmaid simply wants a cool and “no frequent retouch necessary” updo.

    9. Braid Crown

    A Braid Crown hairstyle is one of the most requested, if not the quickest hairdos for bridesmaids. A simple braid around the head makes bridal babes look like they spent time in the make-up chair to pull such a goddess look. It can be a complete braid like a headband capturing all the frontal hairs, or it can leave a few messy tresses for bangs and accents. This style is versatile enough that it looks great whether the remaining hairs will be made in a bun, a ponytail, or let loose straight or curled.

    8. Side Bun


    Even brides prefer a Side Bunfor their wedding hairdo because this one here adds an extra romantic look on any get-up to any occasion. Pick the part that shows the prettier side of your face and wipe the hair to the other side. It is a subtle reveal of your asset while showing off a beautiful hairstyle. If the bridesmaids are not certain which side to pick, they may ask their hairstylist for a professional opinion to help them decide. After all, it is important to look great in all photos.

    7. Twisted and Stacked

    Short hair? Your bridesmaids can afford not to care. A hairdo such as this Twisted and Stacked is a game-changer for your bridal babes who happen to enjoy short hairs. Although this style works with any length, a shorter hair gives it a much nicer layered effect. Simply twist the hairs from both sides and let each end meet at the back. Repeat the process two to three more times or until the hair creates that beautiful, stacked effect. Your short-haired ladies may opt to cut the ends for extra flair or simply let it flow.

    6. Tousled Updo + headband


    Tousled Updo plus headband may be one of the most common styles you have seen in wedding photos, and it is so for a reason. This super feminine look featuring a floral headband would go beautifully with a flowy dress or on a boho-chic-themed wedding. Depending on the gown of your bridesmaids, they may opt for a different headpiece such as a bedazzled headband, or a plain one. Advise them to keep a few strands of hair loose to keep it romantic. Also, make their hairstylists use a texturizing spray to give this hairdo a bit of texture and get that undone vibe.

    5. Straight and Sleek


    A Straight and Sleek hairdo is something that will “NEVER” be out of style. If your ladies love to show their tresses and let them be kissed by the sun and swayed by the wind, then this simple yet timeless style is for them. Plus, it beats the stylist’s advice not to put on a conditioner to keep the hair in place. With this hairdo, your bridesmaids can condition their hairs all they want, take a bath, and have it air-dried. But if they are already pressed for time, they may blow it out and pass over it with a flat iron. Of course, they should keep some frizz-fighting product on hand to fight pesky flyaways.

    4. Bun with Volume


    If a full glam is what your photographer and stylists are looking for, then this Bun with Volume hairdo is a go! Your bridesmaids will rock a bun with extra volume as this kind gives a chic and sophisticated look. It also subtly produces vintage and classy vibe. Your petite bridesmaids and those that have small faces will benefit from this hairstyle as it complements their facial visuals. As a bonus, this high and stunning updo will show off your bridesmaid’s outfit. Tell your bridesmaids to match it up with great earrings and necklaces for a full impact.

    3. Curly Waterfall Braid


    Garden and beach weddings often present a hairstyle like this Curly Waterfall Braid. It is a seemingly complicated hairstyle because of the intricacy of its look. The beauty of this waterfall braid, curly edition, is that it is already glamorous on its own. Whether or not your bridesmaids decide to add in flowers, pins, or other bedazzled hair accessories, they will look fantastic in this hairstyle. For your bridesmaids that have highlights, this hairdo is a great way to show off their shades.

    2. Mismatched Styling


    Because your ladies differ in the most beautiful and unique ways, their hairstyles on your wedding can be a variety too. This Mismatched Styling is a free reign for each of your ladies to inject their personalities into their hairdo and a wonderful sense of freedom to match their tresses to their dresses. Your ladies can do ponytails, side buns, waterfall braids, sleek and straight, or a combination of many hairstyles they can find. After all, their manes are not the main attraction, you are.

    1. Sleek and Straight Waterfall Braid


    If your ladies are not a fan of curling their hairs or if they simply have enormously gorgeous long straight hair, the Sleek and Straight Waterfall Braid is for them. Not only is this hairstyle easy to do, but it is also a stunning option from more complicated and hair messing ones. It works with any length, and it is a “do” that your bridesmaids can create on their own or amongst themselves. However, to ensure sleek, straight, and frizz-free hair that can pull this look, ensure that your bridesmaids use the gentlest and fitted shampoo and conditioner for their manes.