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    17 Best Mother Of The Bride Gifts

    Moms of the bride are often observed in scrutiny next to the couple and maybe even before the entire entourage. Guests and spectators link the beauty of the woman of the hour to her mother and wonder in astonishment how such a woman of equal beauty was able to raise a beautiful daughter. Honor her love and all the things she did in your life that lead to this moment when she will stand beside you wearing a white wedding dress. Looking for the perfect token of your appreciation may require the depth of how much you know and love her, but to give you a little nudge in the right direction, here are the 17 Best Mother Of The Bride Gifts:

    17. Matriarch Pride Tee

    Let your mother wear her pride as her daughter gets married, with this Matriarch Pride Tee. You can choose which graphic you wish to be displayed in this shirt made from the soft poly-viscose blend and features a dolman style, ribbed sleeve. Made from a soft poly-viscose blend, this shirt is available from Small to Extra Large.  Choose the printing in front and this gift will truly be a shirt of honor for your mother.

    16. Mother of the Bride Hexagon Wood Tray


    Make her daily take-off of jewelry be a moment to remember your sweet love with this Mother of the Bride Hexagon Wood Tray. Made from genuine Walnut wood, this tray measures approximately 5.5" x 5" x 0.75" and can be personalized. Engrave your message to your mother or if you are the groom, to the mother of your bride to be with up to 130 characters. This hexagon wooden catch tray is truly a keepsake.

    15. Rose Spa Gift Set


    Wedding preparation takes a lot of toll on the most important people around you, especially your mother. It is but fitting for you to hand her a box of relaxation and this Rose Spa Gift Set is your pick. It includes a 4-ounce bar of Rose Petals & Cream soap (non-vegan), 2 ounces Rosebud Balm (non-vegan), a microfiber washcloth with a sprig of dried flowers, and Ylang Ylang Mango lip balm (non-vegan), a 2-ounce jar of Rose Pink Clay Mask, and 8-ounce bath salt.

    14. Large Personalized Rectangle Glass Jewelry Box


    Give your mother or soon-to-be Mother-in-law a gift that is at the height of elegance. This Large Personalized Rectangle Glass Jewelry Box is visually striking with its clear, glass panes set into a fine, rose gold frame. Have your mom's name etched in an elegant script, and slip a sentimental note or special trinket inside before giving it to her. Every time she accesses her precious accessories, your face will be in her memory and your love will be remembered.

    13. Queen Bee Boozers



    Your mom is the original Queen bee in the family, so before you become the Queen of your own kingdom, celebrate by giving her this Queen Bee Boozers. It holds up to 6 oz of liquid so your mom can fill it with more of her choice of booze.  This flask is secured by a screw-off lid on top so it will be safe for her to carry it even as she roams around your wedding venue or on other party locations she might be invited in.

    12. Mother Of The Bride Coffee Mug


    Made for mothers whose coffee is a part of the morning routine, this Mother Of The Bride Coffee Mug will be a nice gift. The designs on the mugs are printed using a high-quality sublimation printing process. With this process, the designs will stay on the mug and will not peel, even when washed in the dishwasher! Plus they are microwave safe.  Made with a cute inscription and floral design, it’s sure to become her favorite cup.

    11. Square Keepsake Box


    Your mom may be a collector of small essentials or is simply organized and her attention to detail is outstanding. Therefore, this Square Keepsake Box will be a classy and functional gift for her especially now that you are getting married and will not be able to remind her often. It's made of earthenware clay and has the message “Thank you for raising an incredible woman.” will be printed on it. The inside of the box can also include a personalized message for more of your loving sentiments that cannot be said in words.

    10. Swarovski Pearl Stud Earrings


    These Swarovski Pearl Stud Earrings are the ultimate balance of classy and dainty, meaning she can wear them with almost anything and still look glamorous but not extravagant. Time to impress your mother-in-law to be as the personalized packaging says "Thank you for raising the love of my life”. They are available in white or light pink pearl colors and these pieces of jewelry can be worn on the wedding day itself.

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    9. Kendra Scott Ott Bracelet


    Give a gorgeous addition to your mom’s jewelry collection with this Kendra Scott Ott Bracelet that has a timeless design and elegant finish. Choose from gold, rhodium, or rose gold to match her other pieces. It has adjustable slider closure and measures 8” in Length. Coming from you on your wedding day, it might secretly be her favorite piece and it may be a staple band you will see on her wrist on almost all occasions.

    8. Mother of the Bride Personalized Clutch


    Moms are sentimental but they are also practical. That is why giving a gift to the mother of the bride is tricky but if you combine the two, you are good to go. This Mother of the Bride Personalized Clutch has plenty of room to store all her wedding-day essentials. But her heart will be full too as there's space for a hidden personal message on the inside. Give it to her before the wedding for an added special touch, and to show her how much you appreciate her on your wedding day.

    7. Mom, I Love You Because … Fill in the Love® Book


    Surely there are numerous reasons why you love your mother, but she does not get to hear it every day and you probably never even said all the said reasons. This Mom, I Love You Because … Fill in the Love® Book will be a great opportunity to finally tell her why she is the Queen of your life and immortalize them in a book. This way, as she flips all 64 pages, her heart will be full and her mind will be occupied. It will feel as though you are still so close even when you live with your husband now.

    6. Petite Emerald and Diamond Floral Pendant


    The one who gave birth to you deserves nothing but the best. This Petite Emerald and Diamond Floral Pendant is such a special gift for the mom who will give everything for you as well. Emeralds are a symbol of protection, love, and wisdom—three of the most important things moms give their children selflessly. This petite emerald floral pendant necklace flaunts vintage-inspired details with an innate feminine flair. The beautiful round emerald gemstone is surrounded by a sparkling micropavé diamond frame, all crafted in glowing 14k yellow gold and suspended from a classic cable chain.

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    5. Viaggio Travel Fragrance Set


     The women in the house usually share their favorite scent, or at least they almost smell like it. And as you leave your home and build your own, give your mother this Viaggio Travel Fragrance Set so she can still smell good anywhere, anytime, and remember how much you both love the perfume. During your wedding day, the only woman who may probably smell like you do or close enough is the Mother of the Bride, and that is a sentimental and heartwarming association.

    4. The Original Personalized Photo Clutch

    Turn on the waterworks and make the Mother of the Bride pour out her emotions before the wedding with this The Original Personalized Photo Clutch. This handmade clutch can be personalized with a photo to create a truly unique gift. It will bring back wonderful memories every time she opens her clutch bag even after she uses it after the wedding day. This clutch does not only get to carry her essentials but will also capture her heart at every use.

    3. The Crystallo 

    A toast to you and your wedding will be more prideful when the Mother of the bride gets to do the clink with The Crystallo. Choose from the design options Romance, Sukie, Bliss, Indulge, or Jax. This glass can hold up to 19 oz of liquid so a refill will not be necessary especially during the entire wedding. It can be laser engraved with her name, the title “Mother of the Bride” and the wedding date, to remember the day her princess became a queen.

    2. Kusmi Tea The Collection Gift Set


    A collection of 15 loose teas in mini tins, a box of tea filters, and a teaspoon, this Kusmi Tea The Collection Gift Set is one great gift for any tea lover. Contained in an elegant gift box, this set is perfect for the mother of the bride as she looks forward to days of relaxation or bonding with her friends over a cup of warm beverages. Included are Five Classic Teas to try: Anastasia, a black tea with lemon; Prince Vladimir, a black tea with grapefruit + lime; St. Petersburg, a berry-flavored black tea; Kashmir Tchai, a spicy black tea; & Imperial Label, a green tea with spices.

    1. M.O.B. Candle


    Months of planning a wedding can be stressful especially to the closest one by your side, your mom. Make her home a fragrance relaxation oasis with this M.O.B. Candle. Natural soy scented candle has a beautiful scent throw that evaporates into the atmosphere, improving her space, creating instant ambiance. Scent choices are Honeycrisp Apple, Grapefruit & Mint, French Lavender, Clean Cotton, Pink Magnolia & Peony, and many more.