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    17 of the Best Boxes to Put Your Bridesmaid Gifts In

    A box can say a thousand words.  You have chosen these special ladies to be part of your bride tribe and it's only appropriate to choose a special box where you can place all her favorite gifts inside. Just as you have spent time choosing the special gifts inside the box, it is equally important to wow her with the sight of the box delivered right at her doorsteps.

    Level up that excitement when she begins to open the box and reads up the question, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Choose the right size, color and design of a box that will not just match your wedding motif but also the personality of your bridesmaids.

    Here are 17 of the best boxes to put your bridesmaid gifts in:    

    17. Sweet Treasures Gift Box

    Amaze your favorite ladies as you give them this Sweet Treasures Gift Box. It will certainly show them how much you appreciate them. Choose adorable gifts to pair with the box and have it customized with the names of your girls on each product. You can get this adorable gift box by itself or you can purchase the box accompanied by the super-convenient, stemless wine cup, a stylish and chic robe, and a traveling luxurious tumbler. This gift only shows how you are always willing to go the extra mile for these special ladies. And you know for sure they'll do the same for you.

      16. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

      It's simple and lightweight but it can sure carry your little gifts for your bridesmaids! This bridesmaid proposal box comes with a satin ribbon, cardstock proposal card, white cardstock name card, and a safety pin. It's one affordable option for your wedding party proposal. This box is ideal for a robe, cosmetic bag, hair ties, etc. She will be surely thrilled just seeing this gorgeous box!   

      15. Box Me Up Buttercup


      Spice up your gift packaging with this Box Me Up Buttercup. This personalized gift box is a great way to make your gift extra exciting for your bridesmaids. Make a  lasting impression for the special ladies at your wedding! You can select your preferred style for the box.  Let a beautifully printed calligraphy-style text up on the front of the brown box wow your bride tribe. You may also customize the inside part of the gift box to make it more special.

      14. Marble with Rose Gold Foil Bridesmaid Box

      The wait for your special day won't be long and the coming days will be filled with lots of excitement- the bridal shower, bachelorette party, dress shopping, and so much more! Ask the special ladies in your life to stand by your side in style with these bridesmaid proposal boxes. This box can easily fit a bridesmaid candle, bridesmaid stemless wine glass, and so much more! It's a perfect proposal for your bride tribe that won't break your budget!

      13. Will you be my Bridesmaid Box White


      Just by seeing this Will you be my Bridesmaid Box in White is enough to get her excited! How much more when she sees what's inside! This box is finished with metallic vinyl personalized name only details for your wedding party. Vinyl applied in your choice of rose gold, gold, or silver. It's the perfect DIY "Will you be my Bridesmaid" box.

      12. Custom Bridesmaid Proposal Box

      It's in white and gold and a fine display of how you esteem her and your friendship with her. This Personalized Gold Trim White Gift Box is the perfect way to propose to your bridal party. It has the perfect touch of elegance that your bridesmaid will surely keep. It comes in 3 different sizes and each one will be personalized with a name or special message of your choice. This personalized box simply shows how important they are and how badly you want them to be part of your bride tribe. 

      11. Personalized Bridal Gift Box

      Whatever you place inside this Personalized Bridal Gift Box is sure to bring a smile on her face. This white magnetic flap box is made from rigid cardboard. Each box will be shipped flat to avoid damage while shipping. When lifting to form the box each corner has a tape to secure the ends. You can also have this personalized with her name to make it extra special.

      10. A BlackTie Affair

      This luxury gift box is a great choice to thank your bride tribe! Fill this awesome gift box with gifts she will surely love and you're all set to give that unforgettable gift. You may add your bridesmaid's name inside the lid for a personalized touch. Your special ladies will be so excited to get a customized box filled with gifts just for them. These lovely boxes can be used for keepsakes long after your big day. 

        9. Personalized Gift Box

        That rhinestone ribbon just makes it extra special for your bride tribe! This box can be personalized with her name or you can have a title used instead. This Personalized Gift Box is white and you get to choose the color of the rhinestone ribbon that you want it decorated in. It is extremely easy to assemble, with a few tucks here and there!

        8. Greenery with Rose Gold Foil Bridesmaid Box

        This Greenery with Rose Gold Foil Bridesmaid Box can easily fit a bridesmaid candle, bridesmaid stemless wine glass, and so much more! This is a perfect proposal for all your special ladies that won't hurt your budget. Ask your bride tribe to stand by your side in style with these bridesmaid proposal boxes.

        7. Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

        Give her this Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box that is sure to make her feel special - for that is who she truly is in your life. It's a box she can use to keep mementos way after your wedding day without forgetting of course how you made her feel when you asked her to stand beside you on your wedding day.

        6. Andaz Press Bridesmaid Proposal Box

        This Andaz Press Bridesmaid Proposal Box comes with an elegant foil font with the text “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” It can easily fit a mini wine, champagne, or rose bottles perfectly. Customize your gifts and fill it with a robe, jewelry, hair ties, and other goodies. It comes with lid magnets to keep the box securely closed. You can also have it paired with favor labels, gold twine, and drinking straws.

        5. A Pink Tie Affair

        A Pink Tie Affair is a beautiful pink gift box perfect for thanking your bridesmaids! You can fill this awesome gift box with lovely gifts for your special ladies who have played an important part in your big day. Add her name inside the lid for a personalized touch. This customized box can be filled with gifts just for them. These boxes can also make great gifts as Bridesmaid Proposals. Don't forget to add the perfect finishing touch to every gift you give.

        4. Bridesmaid Proposal Keepsake Box

        This Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Keepsake Box is the perfect way to propose to your ladies with a message under the lid that reads “Will you be my bridesmaid?” You can place her name at the top to make it even more personalized. These boxes are sturdy complete with an interchangeable ribbon (optional) and magnetic closure.

        Want to make her feel like a special lady? Then present your BFF’s with this Pink Floral Bridesmaid Proposal Box filled with irresistible treats! As she opens the lid, she’ll be so excited when you pop the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?" This box features gold stamped details, a pretty pink ribbon lid opener and blocks of pink.  It is an ultra-chic box that will beautifully blend in with your gift selections.

        2. Bridesmaid Proposal Box Combo Set 

        Simply elegant. That best describes this Bridesmaid Proposal Box Combo Set. These boxes are a glossy pure white to give it that extra pop. Outside, the fancy text reads “Be My Bridesmaid”. It has gold foil stamping for the border and letters. Inside, the background is showered with gold foil polka dots, and the text reads “I Can’t Say I Do Without You!”

        1. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

        Keep it special and adorable. This Bridesmaid Proposal Box Set comes with 6 empty boxes, 5 will you be my bridesmaid boxes and 1 will you be my maid of honor box. It can easily fit a bridesmaid candle, bridesmaid wine glass and so much more! The box is made from single corrugated fiberboard, stronger than regular paper gift boxes. You will surely delight your bride tribe with these boxes!