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    12 Amazing Things You Can Do For Your Bridesmaids

    The usual expectation is that bridesmaids get to do most of the wedding preparation for the bride. While that may be true, it shouldn’t stop brides from doing amazing things for their bridesmaids. Let’s just say it’s the golden rule happening right before your eyes. You are simply serving your bridesmaids the way they are wholeheartedly serving by doing their best to make your wedding as flawless as can be.

    There are certain things that you can actually do for your bridesmaids that won’t fail to amaze them. They may be quite simple or something that will require you to go out of your way or go the extra mile but it will definitely be all worth it. Have a look at these 12 amazing things you can do for your bridesmaids:

    1. Make asking them to be your bridesmaid a special time.

      There is that unique connection that bonds you to each of your bridesmaids. Some of them have been friends from childhood, college or a longtime colleague from work. Some are family members who dearly watched your love story and supported you in every way. Wouldn’t it be just appropriate to make asking them to be your bridesmaid extra special? Why not ask them with a gift like her favorite bottle of wine with a special label that pops the question? You can also present her with jewelry that she can wear on your wedding day all wrapped up in a box that asks her to be your bridesmaid.  Putting some extra time and effort on this will be well worth it. Showing someone how valuable they are to you never go out of style.       

      2. Make things transparent when it comes to time and money.                               

      There’s nothing like being upfront from the very start. Preparing your lady friend or family member as to what being a bridesmaid would entail is more than just being nice but showing respect. If she would be amenable to the time and resources required for your wedding well and good, however, should she refuse to be part of your bride tribe, you should be ready to accept that as well. Consider that being part of your wedding would mean having to spend on bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette stuff, showers, travel, lodging, presents and the like.  

      She should feel free to accept or refuse your offer for personal or financial reasons. On the other hand, you shouldn’t take it against her if she refuses to be your bridesmaid. Honesty from both sides will always be appreciated.  

      3. Create a venue for them to get to know each other.

      They say bridesmaid’s drama is inevitable. However, there’s a way to lessen that by creating a venue where they can get to know each other. These women come from different backgrounds and will have to work together under a lot of pressure and stress as they prepare for your wedding. It would really help if you can let them get to know each other before the wedding weekend. You can be creative in doing this. Set up a Facebook group page and schedule that bridesmaid’s weekend. If you’re having a destination wedding, let them come earlier so you can schedule activities you can do with them that will promote friendship and camaraderie. Go shopping, eat out, go to a spa, go for pedicures and manicures together. The possibilities are endless!  

      4. Be clear on expectations.

        While your bridesmaids committed to giving their full support for your wedding, please know that their world will not revolve around your wedding. They do have priorities of their own and the sooner you realize that, the better. The best way to go about this is to have a clear expectation as to what your bridesmaids can do and what you will do in order to come up with a near-perfect wedding.  

        5. Give them a free hand on at least one aspect of their outfit.

        Sure you want them to wear matching bridesmaid dresses but they will truly be delighted if you give them a free hand to choose their flowers or shoes that will make them look unique somehow. You can even let them play with certain colors. Give them a color palette to choose from and give them permission to wear the color that they prefer and best suit them. You may also choose the color you want and allow them to choose their own style. This way, your bridesmaids would be excited to wear their dresses knowing they were able to express their personality and have their say on them too.      

        6. Make their hairstyle less complicated.

        The easiest way to get the stress off your bridesmaids is to opt for simple easy to imitate hairstyles. However, should you prefer the complicated ones, please don’t expect your bridesmaids to be able to figure out on their own how it’s done. Get them a stylist to do that for them. They’d be really thankful to you for doing this for them.   

        7. Give them a nicely packaged survival kit.

        When you simply want to return the favor of having them invest time and resources for your wedding, a nicely packaged survival kit will certainly put a smile on your bridesmaid’s face. Place some chapstick, pain relievers, chewing gum, breath freshener, Alka Seltzer and the like on a really nice clutch or cosmetic bag and you would have covered at least most of what they might be needing.

        8. Make them feel special with a bridesmaid portrait.

          Let your wedding be a truly memorable event they will remember. Arrange for a bridesmaid portrait to be taken on your wedding day. You can speak to your wedding photographer on this and make time for the additional portraits. Including the significant other or children of your bridesmaids in this portrait session would truly be meaningful for them. They’d be more than happy to say yes to this thoughtful gesture.  

          A lovely alternative for this is coming up with a custom made caricature with all your bridesmaids together and give it as a thank you gift for them.

          9. Let them party in comfy shoes.

          It isn’t easy to be assisting and doing errands the whole time wearing high heels. Now that the ceremony and most parts of the reception are done, it’s almost time to relax and party with the couple and the rest of the guests. Surprise your bridesmaids with these flats and let them relax their feet while enjoying the party in style. With shoes that can match anything they are wearing and having that ultimate relief from those high heels, they will surely have a great time in your party. By the way, with matching flats on the dance floor, this is another picture perfect idea for you and your bridesmaids.

          10. Calm their nerves before the wedding.

          They need to calm your nerves as the bride. Ironic as it may seem, but your bridesmaids need to have their nerves calmed as well. They are not only doing wedding prep stuff on the day of your wedding, but they also need to allow time to look good, walk down the aisle without tripping and endure sweat and bugs especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. All eyes are on them too at least for certain parts of your wedding.

          There are a million and one things going inside their heads so you can do your part by creating an atmosphere of peace and calm just before they walk down the aisle. Prepare some light snacks for them, some drinks and laugh with them. Setting them at ease will communicate a more enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere.     

          11. Give them a unique and personalized gift.

          While no one is keeping you from giving the same gift to each of your bridesmaids, it would be really nice to give gifts that are unique. Match your gift to your bridesmaid’s personality and communicate to her how your gift is well thought of. Give her a jewelry gift that symbolizes your connection to her. It can even double as an accessory she can use for your wedding day and even after your wedding day. You can also opt to give her bridesmaid gift boxes or go for functional gifts like bags, robes and drink wares.

          Let your gift come with a personalized letter for each of your bridesmaids. Tell her how much you appreciate in detail all the help and support she has extended to your wedding. Reminisce about the good times you’ve had with the person and let her know how much you value her love and friendship. Write down what’s on your heart and it will sincerely let them know how grateful you are. A gift is nice but giving it with a letter coming straight from your heart will be more than appreciated.     

          12. Have an attitude of gratitude.

            A heart that is thankful is always a pleasure to be around with compared to one who always complains. Your bridesmaids would be happy to have you around amidst the stress and pressures of wedding preparations when you have a grateful attitude. Saying thank you isn’t limited to the last moments of your special day. Be generous with “thank you’s” with every effort, every smile, every sacrifice, every errand made, practically about everything. Consistency is the key. Do this and you’ll find out how the atmosphere quickly changes from stressful to peace and calm and how easily each one gets to work harmoniously with each other.