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    13 Unique Bridesmaid Gifts for a Spring Wedding

    Your bridesmaids have played a major role in making your preparations for your spring wedding way easier than what you have initially imagined. They have been there to help plan and pay for the bachelorette party and bridal shower. They gave their best ideas, helped decorate, gave feedback, assisted with hostess duties and chipped in cash where needed. Not to mention, they have been the ladies you easily confided to whenever you need emotional support or just someone you can tag along with each and every errand all throughout the wedding preparations. They have laughed and cried with you and practically stayed with you through thick and thin. They have played a very unique role and there’s no better way to let them know how grateful and appreciative you are by giving unique bridesmaids gifts they will treasure for a long time.

    Make your gift giving count by letting them know how special they are. Get creative and let the spring season inspire you as you choose one-of-a-kind gifts for your bridesmaids. Here are some of the unique gifts you can give to them:  

    1. Sentiments Treasure Box

    What they bring with them after your wedding are happy memories they want to keep for life. All the memories created pre, during and post wedding can now be stored in this memoir gift box. Let your bridesmaids enjoy this 8x11 inch Sentiments Treasure Box which includes a felt ribbon bound journal, a mini wooden memento box and a glass candle holder. Choose your bridesmaid’s favorite color or the one closest to your wedding’s theme from the twelve vibrant colors of the journal. All items including the box can be engraved with the name of your bridesmaids making it extra special for them.      

    2. Glass Tea Mugs

    Let your bridesmaids drink their favorite beverage like a princess with this beautiful glass tea mugs. Designed with chrysanthemum flowers, tea time with your bridesmaids will never be the same using this glass tea mugs. Elegantly styled using an enamel handle and a glass material that is translucent, glittering and easy to clean. It is of high quality, lead-free, won’t discolor, leak chemicals into drinks or retain smell. Definitely, a healthier option compared to plastic mugs. This visually enticing mug can be used for warm or cold drinks and is no doubt the perfect gift for your bride tribe.      

    3. Felted Soap


    Your bridesmaids are sure to get pampered with this unique hand-felted, hand-dyed wool covered soap. The wrapping may be used as a washcloth which gently exfoliates the skin. The handmade soap is hard and long lasting and is good for conditioning and cleansing with a rich and creamy lather. It is made of all natural ingredients with a base of mango butter, Shea butter, and cocoa butter.  As they use this bar of soap, the wool will continue to felt making it more tightly matted, creating a smooth surface. Once the soap is used up, what’s left is a scrubby washcloth they can continue to use. Making use of a textured soap dish will help keep the bar dry and your bridesmaids will be able to use it for a longer time. The colors are customizable and you even have a wide variety of scents to choose from.

    Choose from the following available scents: Eucalyptus with Vitamin E and Sea Salt, Chamomile and Lavender, Orange Oil with Cocoa Butter and Orange Peels, Spearmint Vanilla with Sea Salt and Cocoa Butter, Peach Citrus, Lavender Vanilla with Vitamin E, Cucumber and Melon, Grapefruit, Creamsicle, Lilac, Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Stick, Peppermint, Honey Almond with Oatmeal and Cocoa Butter, Lemongrass and Rose with Cocoa Butter, Champagne and Strawberries, Honeysuckle, Lime Margarita and Sweet Rain.

    4. Wrap and Write Gift Box


    This unique and special gift comes in a custom box that can be engraved with a single initial of your special ladies. Inside, they can find an elegant wrap for her delicate shoulders or use it as a stylish scarf, available in 13 colors. Also included is a personalized journal that can be engraved with your bridesmaid’s initials, name and a personal note up to 80 characters. Let her enjoy reminiscing your wedding by the beach using the scarf to warm her up and the journal for jotting down special memories.        

    5. Wedding Hanger

    This functional and unique bridesmaid gift can carry your bridesmaid’s gown in style and later on make it a part of her precious collection in her closet. This wedding hanger is made of high-quality natural wood and can be customized with the name of your bridesmaid. You can also choose the hanger, bow and wire color.  

    6. Heart-Shaped Dried Teas

    They love tea and you love them! So why not let them know by giving your bridesmaids this heart shaped dried teas in biodegradable packaging. Choose from green tea, earthy and light with low caffeine and a mildly astringent finish or go for the black tea, a bold kind of tea with notes of blackberry and red wine. Beautiful and budget-friendly, this is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids. The craft bags are food grade and re-sealable. Each bag can contain 6 to 8 hearts for the black tea and 11 to 13 hearts for the green tea.  You can even have it personalized by adding a pretty ribbon to the craft bag and your free gift message. 

    7. Leather Wallet

    This wrapped in love wallet is one unique gift your bridesmaids will love! Made up of high quality debossed leather, it can easily carry her checkbooks, cash, and cards. This lovely wallet comes in Cognac color and is designed with a wrap that keeps her valuables safe and secure. You can have this item personalized with your bridesmaid’s name or initials too.    

    8. Real Moss Necklace

    Your spring wedding signifies the growth of many elements in your surroundings. Let this unique, handmade glass terrarium medallion amaze your bride tribe. Made of lead-free solder, a black plated chain with the pendant containing immortalized real green moss. This jewelry is made with pure vibrations of nature stimulating the spiritual elements of sensitivity contained in flowers and stones. It comes ready to be handed to your bridesmaids in a hand-painted cardboard box in an organza packaging.    

    9. Pink Can Cooler

    Let your bride tribe have some time of relaxation with a few beers. But let them have it cold for long hours with this pink can cooler. This functional gift is easy to grip and is trimmed with shiny silver rims complete with an engraved silver-toned oval. It can hold a 12 ounce or even larger cans. It can also be personalized with your bridesmaid’s name, the date of your wedding and your special thank you message.

    10. Vintage Leather Journal

    This vintage leather journal will be your bridesmaids go to companion as she jots down daily thoughts, tasks, notes, and ideas as she journeys with you on your wedding preparations. It can be personalized on both sides with amazing details. Whether that’s a handwritten note or an engraved picture on the front or back side, this journal is one special gift your bridesmaids can cherish long after your wedding day.  

    11. Gold Glass Keepsake Box


    This beautiful keepsake box stores and displays your bridesmaid’s shiny and sparkly treasures. Help your bride tribe get organized with their small valuable trinkets and pieces of jewelry with this stylish box with clear glass sides and gold edges. You can even have it personalized by engraving their monogram on the box and fill it with precious jewelry that your bridesmaids will surely love.

    12. Hanging Cosmetic Bag

    It’s not just a cosmetic bag. This Marilyn makeup bag is easy to carry and hang for stress-free access to your bridesmaid essentials, makeup, accessories and many more. It has spacious interiors and generous compartments, you won’t have to bring extra bags with you. It even comes with six different cosmetic brushes all set for their getting ready time with you on your wedding day. This fabulous Moroccan style cosmetic bag can also be personalized to make it extra special for your lovely bride tribe.   

    13. Satin Robe and Necklace Set

      Glamorous and gorgeous! That’s exactly how you want your bride tribe to look like on your wedding day. The robe is silky and soft to the touch. Your bridesmaids are sure to get ready in style and comfort wearing this comfortable robe. The elegant necklace would be perfect to wear on your wedding day and all other special occasions she may be attending log after your wedding day. The robe and necklace can also be personalized with your bridesmaid’s initials. Both worn on your getting ready time, these gifts would be picture perfect!