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    9 Reasons Why Bonding Time with Bridesmaids Should Not Be Neglected

    You’ve chosen these amazing ladies to be part of your bridal party. These great women would be the people behind your perfect wedding day. Taking time to bond and creating bonding moments amongst your bridesmaids will really help in enhancing connection and roles. Whether you have a few or a bunch of women as your bridesmaids, bonding moments is a must. Planning your wedding would be very productive when you have happy bridesmaids.

    Take a break from wedding planning and spend time with your bridesmaids. The goal is to have your bridal party have a harmonious working relationship as they plan your wedding and create that collaborative and more open culture. Let your creative juices flow as you plan activities and try new things with your bridesmaids. Let it be bonding moments that will build lasting memories. Be deliberate and know exactly what you want to accomplish with each bonding activity you schedule. Here are some of the reasons why bonding is such a big deal:


    1. It helps them get to know each other.

    You have gathered women from different status and backgrounds. Some of them may be single, married, working, a businesswoman or even a full-time housewife. As such, getting them to work on a project (your wedding) for several months would require letting them get to know each other. Allow them to establish a connection with each other. No matter how hard things get while preparing for your wedding, if these women stay supportive and love to be around each other, it would make a big difference. Getting them into activities outside of the wedding planning like going for a spa or mani-pedi can create a venue to find out that they both enjoy swimming, or have kids with the same age or if they went to the same college. These help create commonalities and personal bonds outside of the wedding planning.

    2. It helps build bridges among your lady friends and family members.

    It isn’t always that your lady friends know the ladies in your family closest to you or vice versa. Bonding moments actually build that bridge for them to meet each other in a more relaxed setting. Let these ladies go beyond just personal pleasantries. More than just having them meet and spend the time to get to know each other a great bonus would be to find them ending up as good friends too. The bonding activities are endless! Choose the ones that best fit the inclinations of your bridesmaids.

    3. It makes them more involved and boosts their morale.

    Bonding moments should be a fun moment for your bridal party. Your bridesmaids are more likely to feel engaged when you get to bring them together. Even the timidest among your bridesmaids will lighten up and feel a sense of belongingness when you create bonding activities for your bride tribe. Schedule exciting activities that will make your bridesmaids more engaged in your wedding preparations.

    4. It will make them feel valued.

    No matter how excited your bridesmaids are for your wedding, the reality is there are parts of the wedding preparation that can be boring, monotonous and even stressful at times. Make sure you get to inject some fun during these moments. Get them together and try something new. It could mean dining together at a newly opened restaurant, volunteer as a group or try a group cooking class. Give them a break and make them connect with each other. You’ll see that after doing this, they are more productive and more excited to make your wedding turn out to be the best. Making them feel valued starts with creating a special lunch or dinner where you can ask them to be your bridesmaid. Prepare a special gift like their favorite wine with a special label that individually bears their name with the question “will you be my bridesmaid”? You may also arrange another gathering or activity where you can have your bridesmaid gift distributed.

    5. It will help establish a more relaxed and fun atmosphere.

    Preparing for a wedding is not easy. It will involve some organizational, time management and relational skills. Left to themselves, your bridesmaids will not only have to deal with the wedding preparations but how to get along with the other bridesmaids as they work towards a common goal. Creating a fun atmosphere will help lessen the pressure of accomplishing tasks and promote a harmonious working relationship amongst your bride tribe. You may think bonding activities are meant to help your bridesmaids alone. Guess what? These bonding activities also help you as the bride relax and be free from the stress and pressure of wedding preparations even for a short period of time. It’s actually a win-win situation for you and the special ladies in your life.

    6. It helps facilitate collaboration and communication. 

    The work that goes with preparing for a wedding is not designed to be accomplished by one person. It’s meant to be accomplished by a team. Having a specific purpose and tasks to do will keep your bride tribe together. Bonding moments can help your ladies to uncover each other’s strengths and help them communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently. You’d be surprised at how they can easily come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems. It will also lessen unnecessary conflict between you and your ladies. Now that they are bonded together, there will always be room to give each one the benefit of the doubt. What a difference it will make to have ladies working together without having to prejudge or think that they will be judged for expressing what they want to say.

    7. It promotes teamwork.

    A group of ladies who know each other would be able to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. More importantly, the bonding moments will help in reducing conflict amongst your bride tribe. While disagreements, miscommunications, and misunderstandings are part of the journey, those bonding times will give way for these ladies to better understand each other’s personalities and what makes them tick. Knowing how a person communicates would mean lessening the chances of a conflict to arise.

    8. It helps build trust.

    If this is the only result of investing time on bonding with your bridesmaids, then it would have been all worth it. Imagine if this single factor of building trust among your ladies is set aside because of other matters that need your attention for the wedding, then it definitely be a not so smooth sailing journey. When these women trust each other, the task at hand can be accomplished easily. They know that they can count on each other to get wedding preparations done. Bonding times increases transparency and helps build trust.

    9. It bonds them together.

    Going through exciting and extreme experiences together creates a strong connection between your bridesmaids. It is definitely one of the ways these ladies build trust and stay bonded together. Bonding activities help build memorable experiences and grows trust that goes beyond the times spent together. The harmonious relationship between you and your bridesmaids allows them to give their best effort for your wedding preparations. The best part is long after your wedding these ladies can end up as really good friends and remain in touch with one another.