12 Beautiful Bridesmaid Robe Sets

October 21, 2019

12 Beautiful Bridesmaid Robe Sets

There are those who think that bridal robes should be considered an accessory to your wedding and not a bridesmaid gift. But maybe it will all depend on the gals in your bridal party.  If your besties are the type of gals that like to wear a comfortable robe when getting ready in the morning, then this is actually a great inexpensive gift that they will love.  So when buying a bridesmaid robe as a gift and not just a wedding accessory make sure you think of your bridesmaid’s style first and not the wedding photos.

Here are 12 beautiful bridesmaid robe sets you can choose from: 

12. Bridesmaid Robes 

Bridesmaid Robes

This handmade item uses cotton and lace material. As such your bridesmaid will feel super comfy in this beautiful bridesmaid robe with an elegant and detailed lace trimming. Choose your bridesmaid’s favorite color or one that will go with your wedding theme. Let this robe be useful for her as she gets ready on your wedding day.

11. Bridal Party Robes

These satin robes come with lace around the cuffs giving it an elegant look. It also comes with outer belt loops, sash belt and inside ties. These pretty robes will not only look good on your bridesmaids but it also provides the pampering they need while preparing for your special day. It’s one thank you gift they are sure to remember you by.

10. Kimono Robe

It’s comfortable and sexy. These kimono robes perfectly describe the kind of gift you want for your bridesmaids. These robes are made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. It features 3/4 sleeves and a wrap design robe. It has a waist front tie and side pockets to keep their hands warm or keep essential stuff close to them. It’s elegant looking and has a warm and soft fabric that makes them feel cozy and relax in spite of the many pressures that come with getting ready for your wedding.

9. Endless Envy Satin Floral Robes

Make your getting ready time picture-perfect with these satin floral robes. These robes are 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex material. It comes with inside ties, sash belt, and outer belt loops. His gift will surely help your bridesmaids feel comfortable while having their hair and makeup done. Pamper your bridesmaids and let them know how thankful you are through these lovely robes.   

8. Bliss Collection

Your bridesmaids deserve the most stunning highest quality satin robes. They are a perfect addition to your wedding day and comes fully personalized with your bridesmaid’s name. Let this robe be useful for her as she gets ready on your wedding day.

7. Rosebella Robes 

Give your bridesmaids this fabulous Rosebella robes as a reward after the long and stressful days of working on your wedding preparations. It will definitely provide the pampering and relaxation they badly need. Choose from a variety of colors, fabric, and style. You can even personalize it by having each robe monogrammed. Robes are simply the perfect gift for your bridesmaids especially for getting ready time on your wedding day.   

6. Burgundy Robes 

It will definitely be one busy day. You and your bridesmaid will be getting your hair and makeup done and preparing for the most special day of your life. Imagine how lovely it would be for you all to relax in luxurious, comfortable robes. These robes can even be personalized for each of your bridesmaids. Make it match your wedding color scheme, or choose each shade based on your bridesmaids’ favorite colors. This is one gift they will surely love - soft, comfy robes to wear until it’s time put on your beautiful gowns.

5. Bridesmaid Robe Set 


Let your big day start in a fun way by presenting these bridesmaid robe set to your favorite girl. These robes are sure to help make getting ready a whole lot easier. It is made from 100% cotton which is soft and suits any type of skin. This gift comes with a beautiful gift bag. 

4. Hugging Robe 


These robes will definitely look great on your bridesmaids. It is crafted in care and precision with quality detailing that is sure to last for a long time. Mix and match colors depending on your bridesmaid’s preferred color or your wedding motif. These robes are sure to accentuate your bridesmaid’s figure.

3. Coral Robe Set 

You can never fail to put a smile on their faces with this Coral Robe Set. These robes are made from super soft cotton rayon fabric. This gift will surely help your bridesmaids feel comfortable while having their hair and makeup done. Let them know how grateful you are by pampering them with these gorgeous robes.   

2. Lace is More 

Let your ladies be pampered with these gorgeous bridesmaid robes. This robe is beautifully stitched and made with the highest quality. This silky chic robe is not just stunning but also easy to take on and off.  Whether sitting for hairstyling or makeup, your girls won’t have a hard time slipping on to their bridesmaid dress. Definitely a must-have gift for your bridesmaids.

1. The Rosalind Robe 

Giving your bridesmaids one of these beautiful, comfortable Rosalind robes is the perfect way to show your gratitude. Designed with a floral pattern, you can pick whichever background color is most flattering for each of your bridesmaids or make them all match to share in the fun. Set them off with an initial to represent each of your leading ladies, and you’re on the road to a lovely, but busy, morning!


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