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    We Decided on Forever Sign

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    The days of limiting the gift selection for newlyweds to just kitchenwares or appliances have long been over. People have slowly and innovatively been creative in giving presents to the couple who just tied the knot. “We Decided on Forever” Sign is a nice and unique idea for a gift. It is a subtle reminder of the day the two people who own this framed statement and wedding date decided that they are going to love each other forever.

    This gift may come with matching mugs that may either say Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr., or Mrs. and Mrs. However, should you decide to just give the sign, you may opt not to include the non-discriminatory mugs. Either way, a gift from someone who values the decision and new season of people who just tied the knot, will always be an appreciated one.

    Product Details:

    • Size: 12”x12”
    • Order Options: Sign Only or Sign and Mugs