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    Hanging Pretty

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    Have an all-encompassing gift for all members of the wedding party with these wedding party Hangers that are just too beautiful not to flaunt. Everyone who will be staying at the hotel or dressing up from their homes must get a hanger to store and keep their clean and neatly pressed outfits for the wedding. Even if you hang them all in one cabinet on the actual wedding day, none will mistake the same dress or tux to be his or hers as these hangers come with names. Nothing can make it more personal than that.

    The slanted arms design of this hanger is meant to be gentle on delicate fabrics. Notched shoulders are perfect for hanging straps and security loops. It’s also made with top quality and classic chrome swivel hook as well as a hard satin gloss coat.

    Product Details:

    • Size: 17”
    • Available Colors: Maple, White, and Black
    • Maximum Character for Personalization: 30 including spaces