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    Hanger Bangers

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    Even bridesmaid dresses go through a process. First, identifying the color motif, second; knowing the theme, so they may align their design, third; the design, then; when all is set, they will have it made. Now, before the wedding day, they will have it washed and pressed or steamed and upon getting to the hotel, they will have brought a perfectly clean, secured, and presented dress. As they try to put it in the drawer before their make-ups get done, an essential thing must be there in excellent form and shape, a Personalized Bridesmaid Hanger.

    These dress hangers are made of natural wood that is pleasing to look at in the cabinet as they are durable. Choose from the three-color optionsWhite, Natural, and Cherry.

    Product Details:

    • Made of Natural Wood
    • Color Options:White, Natural, and Cherry