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    Power To The Flower

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    The wedding is set, and the entourage is being lined up. If you are anything but old school, then you know how to woo your petal sprinkling star of the aisle more than just appointing her to scatter flowers or asking her parents without considering her tiny but important decision. Get your little flower girl to say “Yes” to walking the aisle before you and be an adorable prelude with this Flower Girl Gift Proposal Favor Gift 

    This gift has an option of just sunglasses or adds it with cute hair ties. Sunnies have White, Pink, and Pink Clear color options. All of which will look dainty on those cute eyes and will match your wedding theme and motif. Hair ties will be a nice add-on to keep those hairs kept and aligned to your wedding color palette.

    Product Details:

    • Sunglasses colors: white, pink, and pink clear
    • Sunnies + Hair Tie Options: White + Hair Ties, Pink + Hair Ties, Pink Clear + Hair Ties, White Glasses Only, Pink Glasses Only, or Pink Clear Glasses Only