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    Be Mine Box

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    Send that “hey girl” text and be on your way to treat your best friends with one of the most amazing gifts, this Bridesmaid Proposal Box. Sure, it is a present that expects a positive answer in return, but if played right, you might not even have to ask. The tradition of asking your ladies to be a part of the bride squad is kept on for a reason: to make them feel special because they make you feel the same, and more.

    This box contains a hand-poured scented soy candle for a more calming shower moment, a sterling silver or gold-filled necklace for that added accessory during the wedding, and champagne glass for a more awesome glass clinking scenario. These gifts come in a 9x9 pink gift box with the"will you be my bridesmaid/MOH?" note card.

    Product Details:

    Each box includes:

    • Hand-poured scented soy candle
    • Sterling silver or gold-filled necklace
    • Champagne glass
    • And comes in the 9x9 pink gift box with the "will you be my bridesmaid/MOH?" note card