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    Bridesmaid Proposal Box

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    The lady you have in mind for a bridesmaid has probably already made up her mind to say “Yes” to you even before you ask, but that should not make giving this awesome Bridesmaid Proposal box an unnecessary gesture. Treat your best lady friends with simple yet heartwarming gifts you can collect and place in a box. After all, you may all differ in character and personality, but you all fit perfectly in the friendship you have found. 

    This gift box includes a Personalized Sublimated Tumbler with Name and Title, Rose Gold, Silver or Gold, Necklace, Scrunchie, “I can’t say I do without you, will you be my ___ ?” card, Diamond Pen, Rose, and more. Some treats and other must-haves for the ladies may be added to the box depending on your preference. 

    Product Details:

    • Each box includes Personalized Sublimated Tumbler with Name and Title,Rose Gold, Silver or Gold, Necklace,Scrunchie, "I can’t say I do without you,  will you be my ___ ?" card,,Diamond Pen,Rose,Box with tissue paper, paper shred and bow and recipients name on the outside of the box
    • Also available to add to the boxes are:scented soy candle with the label, Eye Mask, Personalized Makeup Bag
    • Color Theme: Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold
    • Box Number and Content Options:

    Box 1=Personalized Sublimation Tumbler, necklace, scrunchie, pen
    Box 2=Personalized Sublimation Tumbler, necklace, scrunchie, pen, eye mask
    Box 3=Personalized Sublimation Tumbler, necklace, scrunchie, pen, candle
    Box 4=Personalized Sublimation Tumbler, necklace, scrunchie, pen, makeup bag.
    Box 5=Personalized Sublimation Tumbler, Necklace, scrunchie, pen, candle, makeup bag.