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    Bridesmaid Tumblers - OLD

    A bridesmaid tumbler or cup serves as a great gift for your bridal party. From personalized tumblers to stemless wine cups you can't go wrong with this bridesmaid gift that your girls will use for years to come.
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    Personalized tumblers make for a fabulous bridesmaid gift,  Whether you are putting them in a cute tote as part of a thank you gift bag or giving them to your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding to help them stay hydrated during the pre-wedding ceremonies, our personalized tumblers make for a wonderful gift for your bridal party.


    17 Best Bridesmaid Tumblers in 2022


    No one would be in a better place to think of the little things they need which can be taken for granted than you. They have been working really hard taking care of every detail, every schedule, every little thing that would make your wedding extra special without letting you stress over them. Now it's your chance to make them feel appreciated and pampered as you prepare a really thoughtful gift for your favorite ladies.  


    A tumbler gift is something they can bring with them anywhere they go. It doesn't just look picture perfect when they all carry it with their cute little names at the same time, it also quenches their thirst and refreshes them to get into the next task.  Here are 17 of the best bridesmaid tumblers that you can choose from:

    17. Skinny Tumblers

    If she’s drinking water, this is super cool. If she’ll be drinking liquor, then you might want to know exactly what it will be, right? Give her this Reusable Tumbler with 12  colorful lids. Now she will have no choice but to take accountability for what she drinks.

    16. Floral Tumbler

    You never have to worry about your bridesmaids getting thirsty again. This item is stylish, durable and safe. Your bridesmaids will find this gift useful to relax, take a break and sip of their favorite drink. It will certainly stay with them for a long time. This insulated tumbler can hold up to 20 ounces of their favorite cold drink. It is made of acrylic and includes a reusable straw.

    15. Stainless Steel Sipper

    Tumblers are great bridesmaid gifts that your gal pals will be happy to use again and again.  What's more, it is an extremely affordable gift too.  This Stainless Steel Sipper is of exceptional value as the copper vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. A wonderful gift they will truly treasure for a long time.

    14. Tumbalicious

      Your search for a creative gift as you ask her to be your bridesmaid ends here. Aside from being creative, this gift embodies playfulness, practicality, and personality. This Tumbalicious comes with your bridesmaid’s digitally printed caricature. Seeing her face in this tumbler just shows how much you value her and how you so badly want her to be standing with you on your wedding day. Just send in their pictures and a sketch will be created for each of them. Once the draft is approved, the tumbler is ready to be sent for your bridesmaids. The bonus is you also get to have a digital format of the caricatures for future use.


      They totally need an adorable tumbler with their name on it. Give each of them a Cupids Tumbler coordinated with your wedding colors. Give your friends a gift that will last as long as your friendship. These eye-catching tumblers are double-walled, and vacuum insulated. It means their drink will stay warm or cold for 12 or more hours at a time! These tumblers are infinitely customizable - and super affordable.

      12. Floral Tumbler

      Thank them with a really adorable looking gift! This floral acrylic tumbler can be personalized with your bridesmaid’s name and comes with an acrylic straw and a push-down lid. Lid color can be silver or gold. Bows can even be assembled and placed on the straw. No matter what your wedding theme is tumblers can easily blend with it with a choice of silver, gold, floral and even smoked type.    

      11. Anchor Tumblers


      Giving her a stylish yet functional gift certainly shows how much you care and appreciative you are for all the time and resources she’s put into your wedding preparation. After a tiring day of errands, she can easily quench her thirst as she pulls this lovely Anchor Tumbler from her tote bag.  What’s even better is that when you get to meet with your bride tribe and they have this tumbler with them, you instantly have a picture-perfect moment that you simply can’t resist.

      10. Wine Tumbler

      It is stylish, durable and safe and most importantly, it has the caricature of your lovely bridesmaid. Your bridesmaids will find this Wine Tumbler useful to relax, take a break and sip of their favorite drink. It will certainly stay with them for a long time.   

      9. Tipsy Tumbler


      The Tipsy Tumbler is chic and unique making it the ultimate bridesmaid’s gift. Not only can she enjoy vino on the go, but you can customize her tumbler to compliment her style and make her feel extra loved. Bottoms up! 

      8. Sparkly, Sassy, Spunky Tumbler

      Silver Tumbler for your Bridesmaids

      Choose from any color of the rainbow (and so many more) for these adorable glitter cup and straw tumblers. They’re great to stay hydrated and look great while doing all the preparations for your wedding day.

      7. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

      Personalized Stemless Wine Tumbler


      Now we’re talking! A cute tumbler is fun and cute but what about a to-go made for WINE. These are too adorable and are sure to become your bridesmaids new favorite cup.

      6. Girl on the Go Gift Set 

      Let this Girl On The Go Gift set speak of how you want to pamper your bridesmaids. Specially made for ladies on the move, the items inside this gift box have been carefully curated. It includes a gorgeous box with a beautifully monogrammed baseball cap and a gold handy tumbler. This gift will delight any bridesmaid.  

      5. Tropical Tall Tumbler

      Each time they sip from these Tropical Tall Tumblers, they immediately get the feel of the white sand and blue water. With adorable calligraphic style letters, your tribe will love the stylish design of this water bottle that comes with a gold lid and her name on it.  

        4. Cool As Ice Tumbler

        A summer wedding with your favorite ladies is what you have always dreamed of! This Cool As Ice Tumbler will be the perfect gift to thank them for making your wedding extra special. Personalized just for the ladies closest to your heart, this is one functional gift that they can bring with them wherever they go and of course remember all the fun memories of your wedding. 

          3. Best Day Ever Tumbler

          Give your girls one of the most beautiful personalized gifts with these Best Day Ever Tumblers. Let them be reminded of the love, fun, and excitement they had on your wedding each time they use this lovely gift. Functional, stylish and definitely something they will remember your wedding by. 

            2. Flower Power Tumbler

            Say thank you to your winter bridesmaids with these Flower Power Tumblers. Perfect for their coffee to keep them warm while working hard to make your wedding extra special. This 30 ounces tumbler is made of 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel, insulated and powder coated. Have their names engraved on it to make it more special.    

            1. Earn Your Spots Tumbler

            Connect to their wild side as you give your bride tribe these Earn Your Spots Tumbler. These leopard tumblers come with metallic rosegold lids and clear straws. You can customize it with their names in pretty white vinyl and you are all set to handing them one unforgettable gift.