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    My Cup of Tea

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    Tell your bridesmaids they are your cup of tea (or coffee!) with these customizable mugs. Each porcelain mug will include the name of your bridesmaid, their title (ie: maid of honor, bridesmaid), the date of the wedding, and a personalized caricature of each of your leading ladies. Gift these one-of-a-kind mugs separately or make them a highlight in a bridesmaid gift basket with a bag of fresh coffee grounds, a gift card to their favorite breakfast shop, and a bottle of Bailey’s for those mornings when coffee just ain’t cutting it.

    Caricature mugs have a two to three-week turnaround time where you will be contacted by a customer service representative that will ask for pictures to base the drawings on. Once the caricature is completed, you will be sent a rough draft for approval.

    • 11 or 15 ounce coffee mugs
    • Handmade item
    • Materials: Porcelain, Mug

    Photo Requirements

    ➤Big and clear. Head should be larger than 2 inches, with good resolution
    ➤Front or 1/4 turn view. We need to see the shape of the face.
    ➤Clearly show the subject's facial features - eyes, nose and mouth definition. No sunglasses or hats (unless they'll be wearing one in the caricature).
    ➤If you want the person drawn smiling, then we will need a photo of the person smiling. Capture the person's typical smile or common expression. 

    The standard turn around time for this product is 30 days. ***Please note these mugs can not be shipped out of the USA because of the risk of them breaking when they go through customs, The Cup of Tea can ship to Canada***

    Now onto the details. After you place your order for My Cup of Tea a customer service representative will be in touch with you to get the specifics of your order. The customer service representative will ask for pictures of all the people that you would like to appear in the mugs and a few other details, which you can email back to the email address that we provide you. We are backed up on orders, so the turn around time for My Cup of Tea is 30 to 35 days. When the caricature is completed by our artist, you will have the opportunity to view a rough draft and approve the final version.  

    How to Place Your Order

    1) After you purchase the mugs you can send us this information through email to 1-2 clear photos (Check the photo requirements above) of the subject facing straight with the biggest smile possible. The photo(s) should include the whole face and head please mention the color of the eyes and hair in your message.

    2) We are the best in what we do; we will work with you throughout the process to make sure you get exactly what you want on time.

    4) After receiving the photos and information for your order we will send you a proof for your review and approval. The proof will come around 2 to 3 weeks after you place the order.

    5) After your final approval, we will print your cup and ship it to you. Once the mug is shipped we send you a tracking number of the shipment.

    4)Because we are really busy with the My Cup of Tea orders, there is a minimum order requirement of at least 4 of them. We cannot currently accept orders for less than 4 mugs. 

    PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be shipped outside of the US at this time.