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    From floral prints to lace accents to super-soft silk get your bridal party wrapped to perfection with bridesmaid robes fit for your big day. Whether coordinated to match or suited to each bridesmaid's personality, bridal party robes make for a thoughtful gift that can be used over and over again.
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     17 Best Bridesmaid Robes of 2022

    Bridesmaid robes are a beautiful gift that is not only practical but will look great in your wedding day photos.  Imagine yourself, your maid of honor and your bridesmaids all sipping on champagne in a set of elegant matching robes.  Each of our robes can be personalized to give them that special touch. 

    Robes have a way of making them feel pampered, comfortable and relaxed. Your bridesmaids will surely appreciate this gift as you make getting ready time for your wedding a bit easier and bearable as they wear these beautiful and elegant bridesmaid robes.  Below are our 17 favorite bridesmaid robes:

    17. Rosebella Bride Robe

    This is one robe that is truly a must have for the bride and bridesmaids! Imagine beginning your special day wearing these special robes with your bride tribe. You’d be experiencing a mix of emotions but whatever happens, you and your girls will be comfortable facing all of them with these Rosebella robes. It is specially designed to make you feel like a real princess and you’d simply be extending that princess feels to your bridesmaids. Elegant and luxurious, these robes are simply the best you and your girl can slip into on your wedding day.

    16. Twirl In Style

    These satin robes have a delicate ruffle trim and come with a matching satin belt. Robes are simply the perfect gift for your bridesmaids especially for getting ready time on your wedding day. Have your girls names printed on the back for an extra special gift she will treasure.

    15. Emerald Silk Bridal Robes with Greenery   

    Your bridesmaids deserve the most stunning highest quality satin robes. They are a perfect addition to your wedding day and comes fully personalized with your bridesmaid’s name, role and wedding date. The robe is made from luxury satin and has a hidden pocket and belt. It is designed and printed professionally so you can be sure the robe’s design won’t fade. You can also opt for this robe to have a lace-finish and come with a matching silky eye mask.   

    14. Spa Day Robe

    It will definitely be one busy day. You and your bridesmaid will be getting your hair and makeup done and preparing for the most special day of your life. Imagine how lovely it would be for you all to relax in luxurious, comfortable robes. These robes can even be personalized for each of your bridesmaids. Make it match your wedding color scheme, or choose each shade based on your bridesmaids’ favorite colors. This is one gift they will surely love - soft, comfy robes to wear until it’s time put on your beautiful gowns.

    13. Palm Leaf Robe

    Let your big day start in a fun way by presenting these palm leaf satin robes to your bridesmaids. These robes are sure to help make getting ready a whole lot easier. This gift comes with a matching belt with inside tie closures. It can also be personalized with her monogram in different colors.

    12. Bridesmaid Robes

    This handmade item uses cotton and lace material. As such your bridesmaid will feel super comfy in this beautiful bridesmaid robe with an elegant and detailed lace trimming. Choose your bridesmaid’s favorite color or one that will go with your wedding theme. Let this robe be useful for her as she gets ready on your wedding day.

    11. Pretty Robes

    These robes will definitely look great on your bridesmaids. You may select the number of polyester satin robes required and create your own set of custom bridesmaid robes. Mix and match colors depending on your bridesmaid’s preferred color of your wedding motif. These robes are sure to accentuate your bridesmaid’s figure.

    10. Kimono Robe


    It’s comfortable and sexy. These robes perfectly describe the kind of gift you want for your bridesmaids. These robes are made from 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. It features 3/4 sleeves and a wrap design robe. It has a waist front tie and side pockets to keep their hands warm or keep essential stuff close to them. This elegant looking robe has a warm and soft fabric that makes them feel cozy and relax in spite of the many pressures that come with getting ready for your wedding.

    9. Satin Robe and Necklace Set

    Glamorous and gorgeous! That’s exactly how you want your bride tribe to look like on your wedding day. The robe is silky and soft to the touch. Your bridesmaids are sure to get ready in style and comfort on this comfortable robe. The elegant necklace would be perfect to wear on your wedding day and all other special occasions she may be attending log after your wedding day. The robe and necklace can also be personalized with your bridesmaid’s initials. Both worn on your getting ready time, these gifts would be picture perfect!

    8. Endless Envy Satin Floral Robes

    Make you're getting ready tie picture perfect with these satin floral robes. These robes are 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex material. It comes with inside ties, sash belt, and outer belt loops. His gift will surely help your bridesmaids feel comfortable while having their hair and makeup done. Pamper your bridesmaids and let them know how thankful you are through these lovely robes.    

    7. Monogram Miss

     This Monogram Waffle robe is an awesome bridesmaid gift suggestion especially if you plan to have them use it during your bridal shower. It has ¾ length sleeves that are perfect for more mobility during an activity-filled moment, two patch pockets to keep those small and light essentials, and double belt loops that hold the self-belt in place. makes for the perfect getting-ready robe.

    6. Floral Robe

    Giving your bridesmaids with one of these beautiful, comfortable robes is the perfect way to show your gratitude. With the soft touch of a warm spring or summer morning embodied on the pattern, you can pick whichever background color is most flattering for each of your bridesmaids or make them all match to share in the fun. Set them off with an initial to represent each of your leading ladies, and you’re on the road to a lovely, but busy, morning!

    5. Lace Is More

    Let your ladies be pampered with these gorgeous bridesmaid robes. This robe is beautifully stitched and made with the highest quality. This silky chic robe is not just stunning but also easy to take on and off.  Whether sitting for hair styling or makeup, your girls won’t have a hard time slipping on to their bridesmaid dress. Definitely, a must-have gift for your bridesmaids.

    4. Bridal Party Robes

    These satin robes come with lace around the cuffs giving it an elegant look. It also comes with outer belt loops, sash belt and inside ties. These pretty robes will not only look good on your bridesmaids but it also provides the pampering they need while preparing for your special day. It’s one thank you gift they are sure to remember you by.

    3. Posh and Pampered Gift Set

    You will have your bridesmaids dreaming of a spa day with this Posh and Pampered gift set. This gift set comes with a silver or gold foil, kimono robe, and a personalized navy floral tumbler. No matter how hectic your special day gets, you’re sure that your girls are comfortably wearing a beautiful robe and ready to hydrate with their favorite drink on their very own floral tumbler.     

    2. Getting Ready Outfit Gift Box

    Another gift box with gifts your bridesmaids will truly appreciate! This one contains a getting ready outfit satin robe or romper, a personalized shatterproof champagne flute, and hair ties. The robes come in different colors, size and style. You can also have it personalized and place the name of your bridesmaid on the robe or romper.

    1. Sip In Style Gift Box

     After a hectic day of wedding preparations, let your bridesmaid relax and enjoy a cool drink with this personalized modern tumbler while comfortably wearing a silky smooth robe. Choose your bridesmaids favorite color and have it personalized with her initials or her first name. The gift box is also available in silver or gold color options.      

     If you haven't found the perfect robe yet, be sure to visit this collection of bridesmaid robes that has man more choices.  

    Bridesmaid Robes Collection


    Bridesmaid Robes Buyers Guide

    It’s traditional for brides to give gifts to their bridesmaids leading up to their wedding day. The most popular bridesmaid gifts are undoubtedly bridal robes. So, as a bride, your purchase decision should be pretty straightforward, right?

    As you can imagine, not all robes are created equal. You’ll enjoy a huge selection as you shop for bride and bridesmaid robes (assuming that’s your gift of choice), but you’ll have plenty of decisions to make.

    To help you get a head start on choosing the perfect bride and bridesmaid robes for your wedding, here’s a look at 7 specific things to look for.  

     1. Cost

    You can spend as little as $20 per robe or as much as $200. It’s best to know exactly how much you have to spend on robes before you fall in love with a high-end option, but keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always equal higher quality. 

    Quality bride and bridesmaid robes are available at the lower end of the spectrum through many online retailers, and you can often find deals when you order in bulk. So, if you need more than two hands to count your bridesmaids, make sure you’re getting a per-robe discount. 


    2. Style

    You’ll encounter 3 basic styles of bride and bridesmaid robe as you shop. Here’s a look at those styles, sorted from most common to least:


    • Spa Robes:  Spa robes are the undisputed champions of wedding parties. Made of soft cotton, they are oversized and comfortable — and one size typically fits all.


    • Wrap Robes:  Wrap robes are a bit more tailored than spa robes, and they are typically made of a thinner, lighter material like polyester. You may find bridal robes that bill themselves as made of silk, but that’s rarely the case. Just make sure you’re not getting robes made of rayon or acetate, as they require dry cleaning and they also wrinkle easily.


    • Kimono Robes:  Kimono robes have enjoyed a turn in the spotlight in recent years. They split the difference nicely between spa robes and wrap robes, offering the full sleeves you get with spa robes but also a more tailored fit through the body as with wrap robes. 

    There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing a style for your bride and bridesmaid robes. Spa robes are undoubtedly the most comfortable and forgiving — no matter your body type. But wrap and kimono robes may look a little more stylish in pictures. It’s just a matter of what’s most important to you.


    3. Length

    No one wants a bridal robe that is so long it drags along the ground, and no one wants a robe that barely covers her backside. But, when in doubt, err on the side of lengthier rather than shorter. Remember also that robes shorten up when cinched with a belt. If they are too short, you’ll find that your bridesmaids wear stretchy pants or some other coverage under the robe — which looks strange in pictures.


    So, make sure your robes are at least 32 inches as measured from the base of the neck to the bottom hem. A size small is 32-33 inches long on average when measured this way, so anything shorter is going to be problematic — especially as you get into larger sizes. 

    4. Color

    You have to strike a balance when choosing a bride and bridesmaid robes. On one hand, you want to give a gift that you can be used for years to come — something that your bridesmaids will actually wear beyond the wedding. But you also want bridal robes that look fabulous in wedding day photos. 

    It’s best to stay as neutral as possible when choosing robe colors, looking for colors that work within your overall wedding palette but that aren’t too unusual or off-the-wall for long-term use. And you’re not limited to just one color — some brides choose one color or print for bridesmaids, another for house party members, another for the maid and/or matron of honor, and yet another for mothers of the bride and groom. 

    5. Features

    Bridal robes are pretty simple, but there are a few features that you’ll want to look for. Pockets are incredibly helpful on the day of the wedding, not just for the bride but also for her bridesmaids and others wearing robes. 

    Also, belt loops are an underrated robe feature. Having belt loops for the sash helps keep everything in place. As you’re considering different robe options, make sure to read the reviews left by other brides — they will let you know if sashes are too short, if belt loops are inadequate or if pockets are too small to use. 

    6. Monogram

    Embroidery for your bride and bridesmaid robes is optional, of course, but it’s the monogram that often makes it a personalized and meaningful gift. Some brides choose to monogram initials, while others might go for first names only.

    You can opt to have “bride” stitched on your own robe, and you can also go for titles like “mother of the bride” and “maid of honor” for others in your party. Just remember that you want your wedding party to be able to use their robes long after the actual wedding day, and using initials or names helps make them more usable over the long-term.


    7. Accessories

     This is where it can get fun. The best accessory to add is a nice pair of sandals or slippers that match the robes. Not only are sandals and slippers a nice-to-have on the day of, they are also eminently usable long after the wedding. 

    Other accessories you can pair with your bridal robes are jewelry, hair ties, and clips, as well as skin care products. You don’t have to go crazy with accessories — just know that you have options if you want to do a little something more.


    What Makes Bride and Bridesmaid Robes so Popular?

    There’s a reason why robes are such a best bridesmaid gifts leading up to weddings. Actually, there are several reasons why. Wedding day robes are: 


    • Comfortable: There’s something about a robe that makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, and that’s exactly how you and your bridesmaids should feel on the big day.
    • Flattering: Robes can be incredibly flattering, too, especially spa robes. And it’s nice to be wearing something flattering when a professional photographer is on hand snapping pictures.
    • Convenient: You can wear your bridal robe while getting your hair and makeup done, and you can easily slip your robe off without worrying about it messing up any of the hair and makeup artistry. 

    Final Thoughts on Finding the Perfect Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

    Your bridesmaids are investing a great deal of time, energy, effort and money into participating in your wedding. And they are thrilled to do it, too. But a gift like a bridesmaid robe is your best opportunity to really say “thank you” and to let your ladies know how much you appreciate them.


     So, if you’re looking for 2 guiding principles when choosing bride and bridesmaid robes, just make sure they are: 1) comfortable, and 2) of high enough quality that your bridesmaids can use them again and again in the future. 


     Other than that, enjoy the search for robes that fit your wedding colors and that align with your perfect taste. A popular bridesmaid gift choice is to add a robe to a bridesmaid gift box set that has several other gifts in it.  


     Are you searching for the perfect bride and bridesmaid robes for your wedding? You can start your search right here.