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    Flower Bouquet Ideas For Your Wedding

    The past year or two has severely disrupted the wedding industry. As a result, many couples have had to pivot last-minute and rethink their plans. As weddings tend to be a tediously coordinated event that requires various perishable goods, it's been understandably stressful.

    On the bright side, this sudden change has created some new and exciting wedding trends, especially in the world of florals. Here are some lovely flower bouquet ideas for your wedding.

    Statement Bouquets

    With many couples in the past year being pushed into elopement or having to host a micro wedding, statement bouquets have become a notable trend. Many brides are spending more on their bouquets to make up for the wedding they had hoped to have. 

    One of the overarching trends in statement bouquets is the use of brightly colored tropical flowers that contrast the rest of the wedding decor. Another is the use of oversized flowers or huge bouquets that seemingly overwhelm the bride. The idea is to stand out and make an impact when the large venue and crowd of people are no longer an option.

    Earth Tones

    One of the most exciting floral trends of 2021 is the use of earth tones rather than bright, eye-catching colors. This palette of tan, white, brown, and soft green is stunning in its simplicity, fitting various wedding themes and styles. Whether your big day is country rustic or contemporary chic, an earth tone bouquet can bring the look together nicely.

    One of the benefits of going with earth tones is that florists get creative and use non-traditional wedding flowers. This creative approach blends well with other burgeoning floral trends and offers a unique and memorable look.

    Micro Bouquets

    While many couples are making the best of things with a statement bouquet, others choose bouquets that better fit the idea of a micro wedding. Micro bouquets are small,  simple bouquets that are reminiscent of carrying a boutonniere. This piece could be a single flower with a bit of foliage or a small gathering of wildflowers.

    Micro bouquets fit well with the theme of a micro wedding, especially when only close family and a few friends can witness the event. There's also a cost-saving benefit for the couple, as the financial risk of the event getting canceled is significantly less with understated florals.

    Grasses and Texture

    Another fun wedding bouquet trend of the past year is the use of more grasses and unconventional textures in a bouquet. This trend goes well with the earth tone bouquet trend, as many of these accessory pieces are muted earth tones.

    Eucalyptus sprigs are a new fan-favorite among florists and brides. These eye-catching accessory pieces add dimension to the floral arrangements and have a lovely, therapeutic smell. There's no better way to calm your pre-wedding jitters than with decor that doubles as aromatherapy. 


    Over the years, there have been several bouquet shape trends that come and go. The round bouquets of the early 2000s gave way to the hand-tied bouquets of recent years. Now, cascade bouquets are making a comeback.

    The cascade trend works well with the statement bouquet trend, as the large, overflowing arrangement is eye-catching and impactful. One of the most notable cascade bouquets of all time was the one  carried by Princess Diana at her wedding. The resurgence of the royal family in the news has inspired a new generation to seek inspiration from this late icon.

    Dried Flowers

    With wedding dates being uncertain this year, many couples are opting for dried flowers rather than fresh ones. The benefit of these stunning bouquets is that they won't wilt and die if the wedding date is moved. This trend also goes well with the earth-tone bouquets mentioned above.

    Another benefit of using dried flowers is that couples can take a DIY approach to this decor and use the bouquets as keepsakes after the wedding.

    Ranunculus and Protea

    The top two wedding flowers of the year are the ranunculus and king protea blooms. These overstated blooms are large-yet-delicate, making them a stunning focal point in a wedding bouquet. These blooms look incredible when paired with any of the trends listed above.

    If you're getting married in the next year, your wedding may not look like you envisioned. Make the best of your big day with a stunning floral arrangement and the company of your true love.